How to use protein supplements?

For many people exercising at some point, it’s time to consider choosing a dietary supplement. When working on our muscle mass, many people will certainly choose a protein supplement. If you have already decided to buy protein, it is worth considering the exact way how to take our supplement.

Protein – why is it worth it?

For this reason, I will only present basic information in several points:

  • the basic building block for living beings
  • has many important building, transport and energy functions
  • deficiency can negatively affect the functioning of our body and cause depression, weakness or susceptibility to various diseases

Knowing the basics now, it’s worth taking a closer look at why exactly people choose protein as the main supplement for building muscle mass

In most cases, the more we train, the more our demand for protein supply to the body increases. Very often, consumption of high-protein products as meat can also bring us unnecessary amounts of other nutrients, such as fats. The idea of ​​these supplements is to just supply what is needed at the moment. Speaking of delivery, let’s also look at how much we should actually eat protein.

Protein – how much to best deliver

It is generally assumed that we normally need about 1g of protein for 1 kilograms of our body. However, the dose may vary depending on our training needs and how we diet. In the exemplary description of the use of protein we have information that one serving is about 30g. and it is proposed to take such a portion in 200ml of specific fluid. Such a number is mainly determined because it is considered that it is the right amount for our body to repair the damage that arose after our training. In addition, it influences the beginning of muscle protein synthesis, a process in which new muscle tissue is produced.

Now let’s get to the important question how best to eat it?

Protein – how to eat

Of course, the first, simplest idea comes to mind with about 200ml. water/milk in a shaker and drink it, but this is not the only solution. We can even find many cookbooks that are strictly aimed at creating dishes by using protein. In addition, some types of protein (for example, micellar casein) have a consistency that is ideally suited as an alternative to a meal.

You can also try to prepare some protein bars with the use of protein powder!
You can also try to prepare some protein bars with the use of protein powder!

Protein – when to eat

The question of when to eat is really dependent. In general, it is best recognized that up to 30 minutes after the workout due to how proteins act on our body. However, a well prepared dish with a supplement can replace a morning meal when we do not have time to prepare breakfast. Some protein supplements are also recommended to be consumed at night as an alternative to dinner. It is worth making sure which product can fit well with your lifestyle.

Protein – what types we find

This topic has also been reproduced many times on various articles, for this reason I will briefly present specific options and what makes them stand out

Whey proteins (whey protein concentrate) whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) and whey protein isolate (WPI) – differ from each other in the level of pure protein content and bioavailability. They are created by separating whey protein from milk

Micellar casein – an ideal solution for people who do not expect fast assimilation of protein into their body. It can be a great option as a night meal

Vegetable proteins – not everything must be from milk! We can also find many interesting alternatives for people who have a diet that excludes dairy. In this case, it is mainly looked at nutrients from soy, rice, hemp or even scalloped peas!

The option we find is the magnitude really. Everything in this case depends on what exactly we need from our protein and what will work well with our diet.


The use of protein supplements is fortunately not a very hard thing. However, it may be a bit problematic at first. I hope that this little guide will help people starting their adventure with supplementation!