How to support your joints?

By the term “joints” we usually understand joint cartilage, which is responsible for moving the limbs, allowing bending and rotation. The cartilage is rather poorly mineralized, it also has no blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and there is not much nervousness in its structure. All this means that it is not well nourished, that is why nutrients are worth providing in the form of food and supplements. Joints, as elements of our movement apparatus, are often overlooked in prevention, while many people remember how important bones are. We use calcium, vitamins K2 and D3 and for many people it seems to be enough. Therefore, the question arises why so few people, especially at an early age, try to prevent joint diseases. However, it is worth including in your life supplementation that will support our joint cartilage and thus help you avoid painful problems in old age.

How to care for the condition of the joints?

You must start taking care of your ponds when you are a young man, when you do not feel any problems connected with it. This is very important because prophylaxis is much easier than the subsequent treatment, which usually brings about mediocre effects. However, if we already feel the first ailments in the form of pain or characteristic “injection”, then we should not wait until the problem develops and immediately reach for the appropriate preparations. In addition, it is particularly important to prevent when we are overweight, because the weight of the body can cause degeneration of the joints, or very painful illnesses.

It is worth mentioning that not less risk of joint diseases occurs in athletes who do not save and do not support their body from the outside. In addition, it should be remembered that damaged cartilages will be susceptible to future injuries and may never return to their original state. The most important is the change of lifestyle and eating habits, on the one hand not to additionally burden the ponds, on the other hand, provide them with all the necessary substances for their proper regeneration. For this it is necessary to use dietary supplements, which will have in their composition compounds with beneficial properties for our cartilage. What preparations are it worth reaching for?

Elbow is one of the most prone to injury joint in your body. Consider using elbow stabilizer if you have problems with elbow pain.
Elbow is one of the most prone to injury joint in your body. Consider using elbow stabilizer if you have problems with elbow pain.

The best supplements for joints

Chondroitin and glucosamine

Highly effective are preparations with chondroitin, glucosamine and sulfur. They are included, among others, in seafood, because they are responsible for the durability of shells and scales, as well as for their flexibility, so that they are not susceptible to breaking. Similarly, substances are also supposed to work in the human body. By accepting them, our cartilages become more resistant to any damage. These compounds, and above all glucosamine, enhance the synthesis of collagen and the production of synovial fluid. Glucosamine preparations have been shown to prevent and support the treatment of osteoarthritis.


In addition, it is also worth reaching for collagen. Usually it is associated with anti-wrinkle cosmetics because it affects   It is very beneficial for skin elasticity and firmness. Nevertheless, supplements that base their action on its properties are one of the most popular preventive and curative measures in diseases of the articular cartilage. Collagen type II deficiency – because this is what is in the cartilage – in the body can lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the joints. Its use increases the mobility of the limbs and eliminates the friction that arises during their bending.

Omega 3 fatty acids supplements

The omega 3 supplements are also very effective in the prevention and elimination of joint disease symptoms. Such application is not widely known, because we usually use tran oil to increase immunity or improve the appearance of the skin and hair. It is this latter property that makes it so useful in the regeneration of articular cartilage, because it has a moisturizing and antioxidant effect, hence prevents rheumatoid arthritis. It owes the presence of omega-3 acids, vitamins A and E and D. It has so many valuable applications, which is why it will be helpful in regenerating cartilage.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid, which improves primarily knee, hip, ankle and temporal-mandibular joints, is helpful in regenerating joints. It also has the effect of eliminating the feeling of pain, which is why it allows to limit the amount of analgesics consumed. L-lysine, which is involved in the production of body proteins, shows a high efficiency, thanks to which it helps maintain the proper level of elastin and collagen, and thus affects the state of articular cartilage. In addition, healthy joints will allow us to maintain L-proline, often used as the main component of this type of supplements. It participates in the production of collagen and thus regenerates joints. In preparations from this category, we can also find Boswellia serrat, an extract from incense, which has anti-inflammatory and antiretically.