How to supplement Omega 3 fatty acids in optimal way?

Omega-3 acids undeniably remain very important for our body, for its condition, balance and development. In addition, they help to prevent many diseases, ailments and degenerations. What’s more, they are also an important support in the context of maintaining a healthy, beautiful skin, biological youth and excellent humor. Thanks to proper supplementation of Omega-3 acids every day, we will avoid many serious consequences, including macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiac disease, or many allergies. It is also worth noting that Omega-3 acids remain an indispensable component of the diet at any age, regardless of gender. Especially, for their supplementation, they should take care of pregnant women and small children. You can learn more about the properties of this phenomenal substance below

Omega-3 acids – what is their phenomenon?

Omega-3 acids are an unprecedented building block of the body’s cells. Thanks to their action, a   also presented properties, the cell membrane functions much better, more efficiently, which in turn improves all life processes. It is impossible to calculate how much Omega-3 acids give us. They belong to an exclusive group of essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs), specifically polyunsaturated fatty acids. In biology, or rather in science in general, we can separate two groups from the EFA family: omega-3 and omega-6.

Omega-3 can include linolenic acid (ALA). It remains a substrate for the production of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) as well as docosahexanoic acid (DHA). Research and many years of analysis of the Omega-3 phenomenon have shown that they can effectively protect the body against the development of cancer. It’s amazing! These acids prevent cancer in such a way that they activate genes directly related to the functioning of the immune system, as well as block developmental pathways for tumors (they do not have the possibility and the opportunity to arise at all).

Main food sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are fishes, cods and oils
Main food sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are fishes, cods and oils

Omega-3 for brain work

However, this is not all, Omega-3 acids are also beneficial for the work of our brain. From this, whether we conscientiously supplement in the Omega-3 diet, we eat healthy and rationally, as well as whether we run a moderately active (at least) lifestyle – depends the level of our brain development. This is manifested in the efficiency of logical thinking, analysis, perception, the ability to focus, understand, memorize and even creativity of everyday functioning. Omega-3 are characterized by shaping the mental acuity, inhibiting diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. What’s more, they also affect the formation of the cerebral lobes and individual neurons, the brain – actually from the conception.

Studies have shown that if a woman is already developing in the fetal period when the child is developing, Omega-3 acids are systematically supplemented, the child is born more intelligent (which can be seen in the later stage of development) and larger (in physical terms). In addition, these substances support the proper blood supply of the brain, support the flow of nerve impulses between the white and gray matter.

Omega-3 for good eyesight

Omega-3 acids are also beneficial for our eyesight quality. This is due to the fact that this substance remains part of the retina of the eye, so deficiencies can even result in loss of vision. Fatty acids also participate in processes responsible for the work of the myocardium. They improve its continuous development and productivity. They also have the ability to thin the blood, thus inhibiting the danger of sticking blood cells to the damaged vascular walls, while preventing the formation of blockages and clots. But there is more! They also inhibit inflammation in the arteries, prevent them from hardening, reduce the level of bad cholesterol – while raising the level of good one, in result reducing the rate of atherosclerosis.

Omega-3 and the skeletal system

Omega-3 are also responsible for healthy bones, thanks to which they protect us against inflammation in the joints, relieve pain and stiffness, and prevent rheumatic diseases. They facilitate the processes of absorption of calcium into the body. They are also a great solution for those suffering from allergies and those with poor immunity. These substances prevent allergies, support their treatment, improve the natural organic immunity and the actions of the immune system.

It is worth remembering that dietary supplements containing Omega-3 acids are the most full-fledged source of these substances, endowed with the best bioavailability. Sources of these components found in food, although also remain important, but their content is not able to provide a full dose of daily demand.

The main benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids supplementation
The main benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids supplementation

They are located min. in: fish, crustaceans (shrimps), sea algae, almonds, walnuts and vegetable oils (linseed oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil). Undoubtedly, Omega-3 acids are the leader on the list of supplements with the largest amount of health properties for the body. Thanks to them, we are able to function in a productive, long-lasting, developmental way – and most importantly – safely!