How to reveal the abdominal muscles?

If you want to get rid of the fat covering your hard-earned abdominal muscles, you need not only a well-planned workout, but also a well-thought-out diet. Eating what you like or eating as-yeso unfortunately you can not count on satisfactory results. You need iron rules that you can stick to, the rules for clever and effective food treatments that allow you to create the perfect environment to steal your own organism from well-protected fat reserves stored around the waist. 

Your food should be as close as possible to its natural state. Fresh fish, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, eggs, good quality dairy products, water, herbal spices – these are the desired ingredients of your diet. Any refined sources of sugar and fat are contraindicated. 

If you are not a slim person with a fast metabolism, the best diet in your case will be to assume restrictions on the consumption of carbohydrates. The daily supply of this nutrient should fall (depending on many factors) in the range of 30 to 120g per day. The best time for coals consumption is the post-exercise period and the evening. 

Fructose is the highest risk sugar, so watch out for it. The only acceptable form of delivering this sugar are fruits, the amount of which should also be limited, preferably reaching for berries, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit. Absolutely no juices, jams, mousses do not fall into the game, let alone more processed sources of this sugar. 

Consideration in the first meal eaten during the day a solid portion of protein helps reduce appetite and promotes increased energy expenditure. Omelette with vegetables, meat with nuts, salmon with spinach sauce, these are only selected proposals for valuable breakfast items. Breakfast does not have to be eaten immediately after waking up


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