How to lose weight by counting calories?

There are various methods to fight obesity. Many people decide to count calories by themselves, instead of using ready-made menus. Before starting such a diet, however, you need to check the caloric demand of our body. Such knowledge will allow us to determine how many calories we can consume each day to reduce body weight.

How many calories do I need to keep weight?

In the beginning, you should pay attention to our normal caloric demand. The caloric demand is affected by sex, age, weight, height and physical activity. Caloric demand calculators are available on the internet, with which you can easily and quickly calculate the caloric demand of our body. For example, a 30-year-old woman 165 cm tall and weighing 65 kg, moderately physically active, needs 2224.25 calories per day to maintain body weight. For a woman 10 years older, the demand would be 2151.40 calories. Intake of more calories could lead to weight gain and reduction of them to weight loss.

How many calories to eat to lose weight?

If we want to reduce weight, we need to reduce the number of calories consumed every day. Here you can also use the appropriate calculator. However, it should be noted that most of them provide BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). It is a factor that indicates the minimum amount of calories needed to maintain the basic functions of our body. No matter how much we care about fast weight reduction, we can’t reduce calories more than our BMR allows. The BMR of the above-mentioned 30-year-old is 1435.00. In her case, weight reduction at a rate of 0.5 kilograms per week requires a reduction of the daily calorie intake to 1674.25. This is more than her BMR, which is why such a diet can be considered safe. If such a woman wanted to lose 1 kilo a week, she would have to take only 1124.25 calories a day. It’s less than her BMR, which is why such a diet could lead to health problems. This is very important information because a good diet is not only effective but also a safe one.

Calorie calculation

Eating a calorie-restricted diet is initially difficult because you need to calculate the calories of each food you eat. There are several rules that should be followed during such a diet. In the case of ready-made food products, information about the number of calories contained is usually on the packaging. For other products, use the nutritional facts tables, which can be found on many websites. A weight scale will be useful because calories are given for a specific portion of food, for example, 100 or 250 grams. Only after weighing and making the appropriate calculations, we will find out how many calories contains the meal that we are planning to eat.

People deciding to lose weight by limiting calories must remember that they cannot afford to eat so-called empty calories. You can not eat chocolate and then give up dinner, because doing so will quickly lead to deterioration of health.