How to counteract baldness?

Nowadays, when we are dealing with the unquestionable cult of perfect beauty, both in the case of ladies and men, it’s very difficult for us to talk about ailments that affect us every day. One of them is, for example, baldness, which is a huge personal barrier, affecting a sense of self-confidence, level of attractiveness, or contacts with others. The baldness can be influenced by a wide variety of factors, ranging from biological or genetic conditions, past illnesses, treatment effects to inappropriate diet, stress, inactive lifestyle or unfavourable environmental conditions (toxins, bacteria and viruses), as well as the lack of adequate supplementation (which causes losses and shortages).


It’s through dietary supplements that we can restore our body’s balance. Thanks to them, we will complement the shortages comprehensively and strengthen the hair structure at the base, by regulating the internal mechanisms of changes and structural processes, which will solve the baldness problem forever.


Vitamins are definitely an inseparable element of our functioning, because they determine the comfort of existence. Vitamins deal with the metabolic processes of the skin, thanks to which they regulate any changes occurring in it (e.g., the level of sebum secretion, the phenomenon of imperfections, discolorations, pimples, or fungal changes), also those that are responsible for the structure, strength and elasticity of the hair.

One of the most important vitamins in the context of healthy skin is BIOTIN. This vitamin is related to the functioning of mucous membranes. It’s clear that it’s a salvation for the hair structure, because it does not allow it to fall out, it splits and gives it the right elasticity and shine. Biotin comprehensively prevents baldness by strengthening the nerve tubules, as well as building strong hair roots, so that they are resistant to all environmental factors.


Excellent antioxidant abilities, as well as the possibility of participating in proper keratinization of the scalp, are characterized by VITAMIN A. Its most important task is to protect the hair against brittleness, excessive greasiness and the occurrence of receding hairline


Undoubtedly, VITAMIN E and C are also important, as they’re responsible for the neutralization of free radicals. They also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. What’s more, they regenerate skin structures and prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.

In case of baldness, VITAMIN B3 should also be considered. It’s a substance that reduces all imperfections, discolorations and places that are too dry. It’s important that its deficiency can cause inflammation, rashes, keratosis and pain, and thus – baldness. Out of the group of B vitamins, the common vitamin B6 deserves a reminder, as it’s responsible for nutrition and regeneration of the scalp, as well as takes part in the processes regulating the hormonal level, which has a significant impact on maintaining the proper condition of the hair. An essential substance is also PANTOTENIC ACID, which allows you to maintain firm and elastic skin, thanks to which your hair grows properly and quite quickly, and additionally doesn’t break down. B5 also has a moisturizing and soothing effect, thanks to which we have some protection against things such as baldness or alopecia, caused by excessive dryness.



If we talk about healthy, strong and nourished hair, we cannot forget about the appropriate dose of minerals that will not only keep the scalp in proper condition, but also will not allow baldness. Calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium – these are the elements that will keep our hair in good condition for a long time, and their internal structure will be subjected only to desirable and beneficial processes. Thanks to the minerals, the baldness problem will disappear in a very short time, and regeneration will be much more intensified.