How to become a bodybuilder

The first and most important point. 

This is probably the most important thing to remember if you want to look like a professional bodybuilder. 

What is training? 

Are these just specific body movements performed with a load? Or are these activities that are to stimulate the development of muscle fibers? 

If you think that muscle training is the goal of training, then you have to think about how you train. The basic principle of training is repetition. Everything depends on them. Repetitions, thousands of repetitions during the weeks of exercise. They decide about your bodybuilding career. If you do them well, you look … good too. If you do them anyhow, you look different. 

Do you have to grit your teeth and force yourself to do 10 or 12 repetitions? Well, no. Meanwhile, in the training rooms you see very often young people who at all costs want to “count a certain number of kilos and do not realize that they did not practice the muscles they wanted. 

“Yes, but the best ones carry really powerful weights! – say. 

Yes, but take a look at the technique of the best ones. Pay attention to the intense work of the muscles during the exercise and the maximum voltage at the peak of the movement. Notice how focused they are. Attention is fully focused on the exercised muscle. Others also train with a heavy load, and do not have great results. The secret is in technology. 

Let’s learn to concentrate and “feel the exercising muscle by tensing it throughout the entire range of motion. If necessary, it is worth even reducing the load until we develop the right technique. Exercise properly, we will be able to quickly apply more weights and build mass effectively. The point is not to make the load big, but to stimulate certain muscle groups. 

2) Increase loads 

Another important issue is the gradual increase in the applied loads. Joe Weider called it.

Once you have mastered the technique of a given exercise and do it with precision, gradually apply more and more weight, especially when it comes to basic exercises. It is not about adding a few kilograms for each workout, but try to do it as often as possible. Do not increase the loads at all costs, make small advances, but always remember about the precise exercise. 

3) Set yourself specific goals 

Think about what you want to achieve. Is your goal to increase weight? Sculpture? Or maybe symmetry? Most young people answer that all at once. On the one hand, it’s good, but also bad. It is easy to get lost in training. You have to set a goal and move in this direction. Each of these goals requires a different training technique. Meanwhile, many people come to the gym without a designated action plan and, as a result, spins in place. 

It is best to choose several goals that complement each other and move in this direction. If, for example, you want to increase muscle mass by 8 kg, gain strength and improve your calf musculature, these are the complementary intentions. You can work on them at the same time. So, reduce the training load slightly, focus on the basic exercises, putting pressure on the calf muscles, apply the right diet and all that. If, however, you would like to develop the toothed muscles and intercostal muscles at the same time, it does not go hand in hand with the goals already set. Training and diet must be different. Therefore, set real and precise goals that can be achieved in a very short time. Once you have completed them, make a further action plan. 


4) Arrange training in cycles 

You can not train constantly with the same intensity. In fact, you can not train at all for a long time. Do not try to reach the peaks at every workout, you will not make it. However, if you plan a top of your form from time to time, you have the chance to do it. If you reach 2-3 points “maximum in a year, then you will find that in the next season your musculature will look much better. 

The mechanism must be the following in one training period we work on the mass, in the next over the sculpture and in this way we gradually reach the goal. However, if you force yourself to the maximum effort every day, then your body has no chance to regenerate and adapt, that is to grow. When you begin to train regularly, you will notice that the greatest increases in weight and strength follow the peak period. And vice versa. Both training phases complement each other, enabling progress. 


5) Adjust your diet for training purposes 

The diet and training goals, however, match your metabolism. It sounds obvious, because it is obvious. Surely, you have already met people who say that no matter how hard they train, they can not work out the definition and “focus of muscle expression”. After a moment of conversation, it turns out, however, that these people are eating improperly. There are also bodybuilders who “can not build muscle mass and wonder why. As an argument they give their menu consisting only of egg and fish proteins. 

For the muscular tissue to grow, you must provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, the diet can not be one-sided. This does not mean, of course, that you can overeat. If you want to develop a separation, you can not eat the same way as when building a mass. Increasing the number of aerobic exercises will not help much here. You need to force the body to burn excess fat and the easiest way is to reduce the number of calories consumed. Training and diet must be harmonized. 


6) Be consistent 

This is very important! Who makes the least progress? People who constantly change training systems and exercise methods that “jump from flower to flower. The point is not to introduce variations. They are necessary. You have to make some modifications in the exercise program, change the number of series and reps, load and duration of rest. What you can not verify are the basic principles of your bodybuilding philosophy. If you have already reached it, you should stick to it consistently. But the consequence is also not to allow training and meals. It is persistent and systematic work. Thanks to it even the less talented bodybuilders are able to win with the most talented. 


7) Train less 

If you have any doubts, train less! One of the beginner bodybuilders one day stood in front of a mirror and looked at himself closely. He stated that he did build some muscles, but it was development disproportionate to the energy and time invested. So he decided to train only as much as it requires keeping in good shape. He gave up the system 3 days of training and 1 day of rest. He started to stay in the gym only three times a week. He also rejected aerobic exercises. He decided to concentrate on basic training, paying attention to the maximum tightening of muscles and increasing loads. He decided that in this way he should keep built a small muscle mass. 

Nothing special happened during the first few weeks. Then he noticed the first changes. Better blood supply to the muscles. The chronic pain in the shoulder joint disappeared. He felt a surge of energy and strengthening his abdominal musculature. It took some time to see a muscular bodybuilder in the mirror. He realized then that for a long period he was simply overtrained. 


8) Train with joy 

If the training does not give you joy, it probably is not beneficial for you. You can admire bodybuilding stars and study their methods. It does not mean, however, that you should train in the same way. 

Similarly with nutrition. It should be tailored to your individual needs. In the menu, we should take into account dishes that we like and which tolerates our body well. Dietary tips do not need to stick rigorously. Red beef meat does not enjoy good reputation among bodybuilders, however, many bodybuilders eat beef and achieve excellent results. If you like eggs, do not refuse them, including egg yolks. Just observe your body and see if you are making progress. Forcing yourself to eat dishes you do not like, according to the principle that “this is good for a bodybuilder, he is doomed to failure. You will manage this for a while, but then you will return to the things you like. 

Robby Robinson said that in order to enrich the diet, he once tried to introduce liver and yeast into his diet, despite the fact that he dislikes both. The reluctance, however, turned out to be so strong that he quickly resigned from it. Looking at the great Robinson structure, you can confidently say that the lack of liver and yeast in the menu did not hurt him at all. 


9) Be open 

This does not mean that you have to take all new training or diet ideas. Just listen. Nothing more and nothing less. Never be convinced that you already know everything and that no one can teach you anything. This is amazing, but a small piece of information helps sometimes save a lot of time and effort. 


10) Do not overeat 

Bodybuilders often boast about how much they eat. Only skinny teens can not eat too much. In any other situation, you may be overweight. Bodybuilding is about building dense, hard and beautifully shaped muscles, not about accumulating body fat. Developing muscle mass, of course, we round up a bit, but you have to control it. 

If you want to have the appearance of a racial bodybuilder, you have to deny yourself many things. Slim people not only look better but train better. Each gram of accumulating fat must be lost somehow. At the same time, however, we lose muscle tissue. 


11) Be reasonable 

Ambition is a very valuable feature, but setting yourself unreal goals that you would like to achieve in a very short time only gives rise to frustration. If the circumference of your arm is 40 cm, in a few months you will not increase it by 10 cm. It is simply impossible. It is real, however, to reach 42 cm. 

Set a few small goals to achieve in a short time, and you’ll find that you’ll make progress. Similarly, when it comes to the general physical form. Be sensible and do not lie to yourself. How powerful are your muscles? How does fat tissue look like? Look at yourself in the mirror. Realism is very important in every area of ​​bodybuilding. Whatever we do, we can only take one step at a time, starting from the place where we are, not from the place where we would like to be. 


12) Do not compare yourself constantly with others 

“Have you seen how much this guy squeezes? And this one, see which has the widest ridge! 

Do not keep looking at others. The one you admire is certainly not interested in your training, he deals with himself. He also was not born with great muscles, he had to train like everyone else. So do not look at the better ones all the time and do not get yourself into complexes. 

Concentrate on your own exercises and your own plans. You will definitely make progress. Worrying your sense of humor by watching better will not help you at all. Try to move forward by taking small steps, strengthening your muscles and developing them, and soon others will be comparing yourself with you. 


13) Once a year, reach the top of the form 

What is bodybuilding? It is building a proportional and strong musculature, which is nice to look at and which awakens admiration. You work hard, you achieve your goals in succession, but what you have really achieved can only be assessed when you are in top form. Once you get rid of your body fat, you can finally gauge what your muscles look like. The determination, discipline and dedication necessary to achieve the summit are positive in both physical and emotional terms. 

Who does bodybuilders never achieve great form? Those who are unable to impose on themselves a diet regimen and lose excess body fat, those who can not do without a snack during training. Try different! Make yourself happy and once a year work out a great form! You will look great and you will feel great. In addition, note how you reached the top of the form. You will need it in the future. Keeping notes related to the training program and diet is a great help for a bodybuilder. It requires conscientiousness, but it always comes in handy. 


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