How not HIIT is what …


Probably you have already convinced yourself about the effectiveness of interval training and, in fact, its heaviest version which is HIIT. We decided that it would be best to run, but we also did not rule out a bicycle, a stationary bike, orbiter, open air. . . e.t.c. 

However, it is often very dense that we do not have access to the above mentioned equipment and it is raining outside as well as the snow and snow prevent us from doing the exercise. And the problem arises. 

but to the point. . . 

I will ask you 

– Can you do squat? 

– Can you throw your feet back from a crouching position? 

– are you able to jump up? 


If you answered YES unambiguously, then the problem is solved! 

A new way to boost our metabolism is to combine several movements in one exercise. This exercise allows you to develop explosive strength and anaerobic strength, as well as general strength. Also, it is really an interesting solution as a HIITA replacement, and best of all it can be done without a problem even in a small room. 

Start by performing the squat while placing your hands on the floor. From this position, throw your legs back, leaving your hands in the same place in front of you. You should be in a position similar to the one you take when making a push-up. Then go back to the squat position – your hands are still on the floor. The final phase of the exercise is the highest jump up from the squat position in the support. 

If it’s snowing / raining, weather or other factors that prevent HIITA from doing so, go ahead and take this training. 

A. A beginner’s version 

Within 30 seconds, perform the maximum number of repetitions you are able to (usually it will be above 10-12 reps). 

Rest 15-30 seconds. 

Repeat the whole number of times. 

B. A more advanced version 

Perform 10 repetitions of the exercise. 

Rest 15-30 seconds. 

Repeat the whole to make 100 reps together. Do not worry if you do not get it right the first time. The next one will be better! If you’re trained enough to do all the training, try to make it take less time each time. 

C. A more advanced version 

Within 30 seconds, do the maximum number of reps you can do (aim for about 15 reps). 

Instead of resting, box in the air (straight blows, hooks, sickles) for another half a minute (aim for about 100 blows). 

Repeat the whole three times, then rest – up to 1 minute. 

Make the right number of series. 

If we want to raise the bar, we can add a pump after throwing the legs back from the squat. 


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