How do you turn fat into muscles?

I remember that when I spent my studies in the sports supplement store, at least several times a day there was a client who asked for a selection of preparations that turn fat into muscles. Today, as a dietitian with similar wishes, I also meet repeatedly, with the fact that people seeking a diet come to me, which would allow them to achieve such an effect. Ideally, the effects should be visible after only a week. 

It would seem that the development of science and technology has already enabled the creation of comprehensive strategies to quickly turn excess fat into a beautifully sculptured musculature. In fact, even ads for some dietary supplements indicate that such a metamorphosis is not only possible, but pleasant and easy, just enough to buy a few preparations, eat well and exercise. Unfortunately, there is one serious obstacle preventing literal achievement of the intended effect of replacing fat in the muscles is simply physically impossible. 



How is it? So, will not overweight people ever get a dream figure? 

Immediately, immediately, I have not written anywhere that getting rid of excess fat and building an impressive, muscular and thin silhouette is for anyone not to achieve. However, I emphasized that the change of fat into muscles is physically impossible, which should be understood in such a way that the fat accumulated around the waist or hips will not change under the influence of supplementation, exercise and diet in the muscles forming the so-called. radiator. The fat tissue should simply be burned, and the muscles – build from scratch. They are two separate processes. 


So, just wave the barbell, work out the stomach, run, apply a set of conditioners on the mass and fat burner to get your dream look? 

In practice, the matter is not so simple, the first basic obstacle in obtaining such an effect is human physiology. Unfortunately, we have been designed so that the synthesis of muscle proteins and reduction of body fat do not want to happen at the same time. Regarding the activity of hormones participating in the energy management of the body and supervising the course of metabolic reactions of specialized enzymes, reduction of fat and building muscle mass is like running in two different directions. 


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