How a modern diet destroys your health

We all know that proper diet can be treated almost like a cure for many of our ailments. Poor nutrition does the opposite … We do not think about it until it becomes something more serious. Of course, we do not intend here to make propaganda that manufacturers are poisoning us. Let’s start with what is the modern diet.

How is this our modern diet?

First of all, it is rich in highly processed products, rich in sugar, trans fats, salt, and often those that are almost ready to eat. In the end, we want to eat quickly, tasty and cheap. For flavour and often attractive appearance of the product correspond to the different kinds of colours, preservatives etc. Add to that packaged products with a long expiration date and have complete meals with low content of vitamins and minerals.

Of course, nothing bad will happen if we eat something like that once in a while, but if you in your shopping cart often land these products, you’re a regular at fast food, every now and then you catch the candy bar or a hot dog at a gas station, a count of the that the health consequences can be very unpleasant. Keep in mind that you will not be warned about them. Just one day you realize that health is pretty serious and a lot of work waiting for you to loosen.

Is it possible to somehow prevent this? Yes!

Surely most of you know how important it is to choose foods with high nutritional density, rich in vitamins and minerals. But there are certainly people who believe that there is no problem in eating junk food if you are physically active. In the end, there comes about the same calories.

Processed foods and the Immune System

Have you noticed recently that somehow people get sick more often, than years ago? They blame the pollution mainly, but rarely consider the culprit behind poor diet. The alarming fact is that in recent years has significantly increased the incidence of autoimmune diseases. It is quite disturbing. The exact cause of these diseases is not known, but it is believed that the reason is a genetic factor.

Well, not only. This is due to the interaction of our body with the environment, toxic chemicals, pollution, infections, and … food.

Diet, the diet that we use today, is significantly different from the diet that people have used 30 or 40 years ago. The current list of additives is much longer than before. Preservatives, flavour enhancers or smell, are now on the agenda.

And which one to you choose?
And which one to you choose?

What all these results? There are more recorded cases of diabetes, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, obesity or even multiple sclerosis. The relationship of these diseases with a poor diet becomes industrialized countries increasingly visible.

High levels of sodium in the diet are associated with hypertension and other cardiac conditions. Low levels of vitamin D promotes the formation of joint inflammation and many other problems. In addition, many allergies, food intolerance, is associated with very high levels of food processing. What’s more, about 70% of our immune cells located in the digestive system, so they have direct contact with the food that we consume every day.

So it is logical that a person whose diet leaves much to be desired may have problems with the immune system. If the immune system cells are infected by bacteria from food or detect a component of food, which for the individual allergen (particularly because of the plastic additives) will activate the body’s inflammatory condition. Inflammation is the way in which the body copes with problems in the process of treatment.

Excessive consumption of simple sugars can lead to so-called. dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a condition in which the number of pathogenic cells increases and decreases the number of microorganisms that are useful for us. The symptoms of dysbiosis may be different eg. Fatigue, anxiety, intestinal problems like.

How can you protect your immune system?

If you want to stay healthy, first of all, avoid processed foods. Be limited to a minimum. Of course you can afford from time to time for some fast food, but let it not be the main source of energy in your diet. The vast majority of your diet should be unprocessed food.

In addition, try to limit the consumption of refined salt (or replace it with Himalayan salt) and sugar. Take care that your meals are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Try to make such purchases, you have to prepare yourself what you intend to eat. Everything ready or almost ready certainly it is not valuable. Take care of your diet, because then you can take care of your health!