Hoodia – an African plant for slimming. Are the hoodia supplements effective?

Hoodia is a plant originating from southern Africa with appetite suppressing properties.African hunters use it when they lack food in the desert.Recently, hoodia has appeared on the market of dietary supplements and is advertised as a wonderful slimming agent.Does hoodia actually help you lose weight?

Hoodia gordonii is a plant belonging to succulents, i.e. desert plants adapted to live in difficult conditions without water.It grows in the area of ​​southern Africa.The local peoples believe that chewing the plant’s flesh inhibits the appetite, which is why they traditionally use it during a stay in the desert, when access to food is limited.

The specific properties of the hoodia were noticed by the pharmaceutical industry and soon supplements with plant extract were produced.According to their producers, preparations with hoodia are supposed to be an effective slimming agent.

Hoodia – operation

The influence of hoodia on appetite was first observed in the 1930s during research on the culture of the San people inhabiting the Kalahari desert.In the 1970s, scientists from southern Africa isolated from the plant the substance corresponding to them as the inhibition of appetite – P57.It is supposed to cheat the brain, that the stomach is full and therefore bear the feeling of hunger.It is worth noting that scientific research concerned only a particular hoodia – hoodii gordonii, and it is this species of succulent that is the ingredient of most slimming preparations.

Hoodia Complex

Hoodia – application effects

Although the hoodie can be found in many weight loss supplements, none of the scientific research so far has confirmed that this plant suppresses appetite in humans.The research from 2011 published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition magazine was a breakthrough.Researchers chose 49 overweight women for the experiment, who administered hoodia gordonii extract or placebo for 15 days.The participants could eat as much as they wanted and their meals were the same.

The results of the study showed that in both groups, both those taking placebo and gordonii hoodia, caloric intake was at the same level.There were no significant changes in weight in the studied women.Scientists have observed a number of side effects caused by the use of hoodii gordonii.Participants taking the plant extract had an elevated pulse, pressure, increased bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase in the blood.Some have experienced nausea, vomiting and skin allergies.

Hoodia – does it help you lose weight?

The 2011 science experiment showed that hoodia does not significantly affect appetite and weight loss, but it can cause side effects.None of the supplements containing the plant extract have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The possible side effects resulting from the long-term use of hoodia were not known in depth.Much is said by the fact that one of the largest food companies in the world after 4 years stopped production of its preparations for slimming with hoodia.As a justification, the company provided doubts regarding the safety and efficacy of supplements with this plant.


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Hoodia – watch out for dangerous fakes

Despite scientific research denying the effectiveness of hoodia, on forums and blogs you can find enthusiastic entries of people who allegedly managed to lose weight thanks to this plant.Recognition of anonymous relationships as reliable or not an individual matter.However, one must bear in mind that many of the products available on the market, which advertise as slimming supplements with hoodia, contain minimal amounts of this ingredient or are lacking it at all.This plant is protected and obtaining it requires a lot of permits, which is why producers often use cheaper alternatives.

In addition, there are no top-down norms regulating the production and sale of such preparations.It often happens that illegally produced herbal supplements are contaminated with dangerous substances – they may contain, for example, heavy metals or toxic fillers.This also applies to hoodia supplements.For security, it is better to choose products from reputable companies and buy in specialist stores than via the Internet.

One should also remember about contraindications.Hoodia supplements should not be taken by people with diabetes, heart disease or hypertension who have problems with blood clotting, suffering from anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders.


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