HMB – who is this supplement for?

HMB, as confirmed by the conducted, albeit unfortunately, few studies, is not a supplement that anyone who wants to take care of their physical fitness at the gym can benefit. In which case, who should use the preparation? About this below.


  1. HMB – a brief description

The HMB supplement is also known under a slightly longer and complex name of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. It is a short-chain fatty acid, produced in the body from the amino acid leucine, which is part of the necessary for the growth and preservation of muscle mass branched chain amino acids (BCAA). HMB is a preparation resulting from proteolysis, or the process leading to the breakdown of proteins.

HMB is a preparation that fulfills a very diverse function in our body. Hydroxymethylbutyrate is responsible inter alia for the protection of muscle proteins, increase in muscle mass, increase in muscle strength as well as a drop in unnecessary ballast in the form of subcutaneous fat. Thanks to this, we can include it in the group of anti-catabolic products.


  1. Who is HMB intended for?

According to scientific research, HMB is not a good option for everyone. It fulfills its task only for beginners who have just started their trainings. HMB is also one of the best nutrients for people returning to strength and body sports after a long break.

In the case of such a group, a significant increase in muscle mass and muscle strength was noted. Fat tissue was also effectively reduced.

On the other hand, in the case of people who have an active lifestyle for a long time, HMB does not meet the hopes placed in it. Its supplementation is simply unnecessary, because there are no benefits for the person exercising. Metabolism of people with a longer training experience and greater experience with sport can manage it without it and achieve the intended effects.


  1. Effects of HMB use

As mentioned earlier, HMB taken in the size of 3g per day for men and 2g per day for women is able to protect the hard-earned muscle mass during the reduction period.

These doses should be divided into two or three smaller ones. It is also worth remembering that the time of day is important in HMB supplementation. In the morning and in the evening, a dose of 0.1 g for every 10 kg of body weight is recommended. After training, you should take 0.15 g of the product for every 10 kg of weight.

HMB also leads to increased muscle mass and muscle strength. It is worth using this preparation together with creatine, because then the supplement increases its effectiveness.