HMB – action, effects and effective dosage

Nowadays, sport supplementation is quite a developed branch of the sports market. This means that looking for a product, regardless of the purpose of supporting the body of the trainer, we can easily find what we want. Nutritional, special, anabolic, nervous support, regeneration or health – the market offers us literally everything. However, supplements are usually the most popular, the purpose of which is to support the building of muscle mass by stimulating the athlete’s anabolic body.

When looking at the availability of preparations on the market, creatine, hmb, beta-alanine and bcaa are usually mentioned in the anabolic group. In this article, we will look at one of the most popular dietary supplements, which has a comprehensive effect, which is HMB.

What is HMB?

HMB is known in supplementation under the name beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate and is a metabolite of one of the most important amino acids for the body of the training person – leucine. Leucine is the amino acid that is the amino acid number one for the importance of our muscles. It is part of the branched chain amino acid group (BCAA), which is known for its specific biochemical properties.

HMB, in its chemical aspect, belongs to the group of hydroxy acids, which means that it has a specific effect on the human body.

To sum up the above information, we can write that HMB is a product that arises from the breakdown of proteins. Many scientific sources attribute special HMB properties. However, aggressive marketing efforts made HMB not fully appreciated, which of course should be corrected, and the conclusions regarding the legitimacy of supplementation with this compound will be drawn by everyone.

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Who is HMB for?

Analyzing scientific research, HMB is an ideal dietary supplement for beginners. This means that those who begin their adventure with strength training will benefit the most from beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate supplementation. It is not without reason that during the first cycle it is recommended to use HMB, which is confirmed by scientific research. However, not only beginners will gain a number of benefits from HMB supplementation. In scientific research, an additional group of recipients who are recommended to use HMB are people returning after a long break to physical activity. The supplement then shows an effect similar to that observed by beginners.

Moreover, due to the fact that HMB exhibits strong anti-catabolic properties, bodybuilders can also achieve a lot of good in the period of body fat reduction if they want to protect the muscle from breaking down. People practicing martial arts appreciate HMB supplementation due to the action not only supporting muscle mass, but also action, which will not cause weight jumps, preventing them from a possible slip during weighing.

As we can see, not only beginners can benefit from the additional supply of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. Experienced people, skillfully weaving supplementation with a relationship, will also benefit from it.

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What properties does it have?

When we look at the activities performed by HMB supplementation, we can divide it into several different planes

a) increase in muscle mass – as HMB is a leucine metabolite, it shows a similar effect directed at stimulating anabolism. It perfectly fits in typical mass cycles, where the action of the supplement will have to maintain a high rate of post-workout regeneration, as well as stimulate the synthesis of new proteins,

b) musculature protection – HMB is primarily a strong anti-catabolic, its action is mainly aimed at protecting muscle mass from its breakdown during lack of energy. HMB should be an essential addition during weight loss, where it will allow us to keep as much muscle mass as possible,

c) action supporting the maintenance of muscle mass (important for fighters) – this is a property that does not (like creatine) fluctuations, for example, the level of water or glycogen in muscle tissue, which will not involve the risk of not fitting into the weight limit. In addition, HMB can also be used as an element supporting the building of muscular endurance,

d) action supporting fat reduction – the use of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate works not only as an anti-catabolic element. Its effects also affect the level of body fatness, which is a good addition during the reduction cycle,

e) stimulating muscle strength – the use of HMB also works during periods of building muscle strength. In scientific research, the use of supplementation with the compound also contributed to the increase of muscle strength.

HMB and building muscle mass

The use of HMB-based supplementation to build muscle mass is possible, but it is recommended to combine the supplement with other anabolic agents here. Typically, creatine is used to build lean muscle mass, which is supported by beta-alanine, HMB, as well as BCAA amino acids. This type of connection will be focused on comprehensive support of the body, allowing the building of muscle mass and strength, as well as maintaining a high level of regeneration while strongly limiting muscle catabolism.

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HMB and fat loss and muscle protection

The use of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate in weight loss support is a fairly common option when reducing body fat. HMB will not only contribute to the protection of muscle tissue, but also allow the use of larger fat stores for energy needs. It is possible to say with full responsibility that HMB is dedicated to all athletes who want to reduce the level of fat as much as possible while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. What’s more, HMB doses are small and comfortable, which makes it a relatively economical product.

How to dose effectively?

Scientific sources suggest that about 3-6 g of HMB should be used daily. Looking at scientific sources, the amount of about 3 g HMB during the day is the optimum option to fully utilize the biological activity of this type of compound. It is recommended to divide the dose into 3 doses throughout the day, eating 1 g in the morning, 1 g in the afternoon and 1 g around the evening. People of a slightly larger caliber, we mean here weighing 90 kg and more, try to use larger doses of HMB doubling its amount to 6 g during the day. These amounts are recommended by experienced players, where they point to the high effectiveness of this type of doses.

What to combine to enhance the action?

As mentioned earlier in the text, the use of HMB to build muscle mass is good to support with additional supplements. We mean here to combine HMB with creatine, beta-alanine, as well as BCAA branched-chain additives, but not only. HMB shows a strong synergistic effect with the amino acid leucine, where the use of both agents can contribute to a significant increase in the capacity of our body. If we want to maximize muscle anabolism, creatine, HMB and leucine should be our supplement base.

If we care about the maximum protection of muscle tissue against catabolism, the combination of HMB together with BCAA amino acids will be a sufficient choice. Both supplements show a very strong inhibitory effect on the breakdown of muscle proteins, which will contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of muscles, but not only. Both BCAA and HMB also show support for fat loss, thanks to which supplementation will also support the reduction process itself.


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Is HMB safe?

All scientific research that HMB took for its work by investigating the effect of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate on the human body, confirms not only its effectiveness. HMB supplementation did not show any negative effect, so support for HMB-based supplementation or only substances that provide only this type of substance is completely safe. As HMB is a leucine metabolite that belongs to the EAA amino acids, HMB supplementation is highly desirable and completely free of negative effects. HMB is therefore a completely safe supplement.

What opinions does HMB supplementation have?

On the Internet we can meet with quite different opinions about the use of HMB. People using the supplement indicate that it is not a measure that can be felt directly. This means that you will not feel the clear action here, as in the case of creatine supplementation or beta-alanine. HMB, similarly to BCAA, has a more nutritional function for the muscle than a specialized, ad hoc action. So let me write that HMB works at the cellular level.

People using HMB during reduction cycles strongly pay attention to the fact that despite caloric deficiency, the use of supplementation allows for full muscle regeneration. This is an extremely important issue from the point of view of reduction, because only a well-regenerated muscle will not be susceptible to catabolism. What’s more, the muscle is fully strong, rested, will use more calories for energy needs, which will translate into a reduction result.


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