Herbs for skin problems – necessary in the fight against acne

Even small skin changes can ruin everyday comfort. Pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic brands are outdoing themselves in producing ever newer prescriptions to overcome acne. In the mess of all this information, we forget about natural care and herbs. So how do you care for your complexion to make it healthy? What herbs for skin problems can help us with this?

Appropriate care and herbs for skin problems

Bothersome acne that often appears on the face is the bane not only of teenagers but also of people who have long gone through puberty. Skin problems most often occur during hormonal changes that occur in the body. There is also a bad, undifferentiated and poor in vegetable diet, which destroys our body from the inside. The factors also include chronic stress, environmental impact, the climate in which we live and genes. Unfortunately, poor air condition, low or very high temperature, moisture are not friends of delicate skin. Fortunately, nature has given us unique herbs for skin problems that, thanks to their properties can help in healing acne.

Effective help – walnut leaf for skin problems

Your home treatment, which probably contains a number of cosmetics, masks or ointments for skin changes, should be enriched with herbal mixtures. They are effective in the fight against acne occurring on a hormonal and bacterial basis. A good example is a walnut leaf. This plant is found throughout Europe and has been used in herbal medicine for many years. As a lotion, it is great at fighting acne. It has a rich composition: tannins, which are astringent, bactericidal terpenes, flavonoids, ellagic acid, mineral salts and vitamins C, B, K and A, which are necessary to maintain the proper functioning of our body. Also, they improve metabolism and deactivates unnecessary and even unhealthy bacteria from our guts. It’s worth adding bergamot rooibos, black seeds, oak bark or horsetail to your acne therapy.

Tasty tea – Rooibos bergamot

When fighting acne, it is also worth giving up coffee and switching to drinking tea. A good solution may be to choice bergamot rooibos, which is an extremely delicate variety of black, bitter teas and what is important does not contain caffeine. It is a rich source of antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body. It effectively and gently cleanses the body from the inside’s toxins, and in result, our skin is radiant and healthy. It also contains organic acids, e.g. cinnamon, which has bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Also, it has a calming effect and relieves stress. By drinking a rooibos infusion daily and keeping an eye on our diet, our skin could have a beautiful appearance.


Herbs for skin problems are not only able to improve the condition of our skin, irritated by acne, but also strengthen the skin from the inside. Natural care guarantees well-being, healthy and well-groomed skin!