Herbs for immunity – improve it even during summer

The treacherous summer season has begun, when the weather encourages people to stay outside. Unfortunately we also often want to cool down using too intensive ways. An infection from overused climatisation or too cold drinks is very common during this period. How to strengthen your immunity to avoid this? Is there a herbal medicine that will help us deal with the first symptoms of a cold? In the following text, we show natural ways to resist and strengthen the body.

How to strengthen immunity?

Immunity, especially in the summer season, can decrease unexpectedly for many reasons. The main factor responsible for this condition is stress, but it is joined by too little sleep, an improper diet low in fruit and vegetables, reduction of time spent in the open air, excess of stimulants and an insufficient amount of exercise. It is known that many of us want to lead the most healthy and hygienic lifestyle, but the times we live in and everyday rush do not always allow it. That is why we are looking for an effective drug to increase immunity. Increasingly, we reach for herbal preparations, bearing in mind the fact that we can get the best from nature.

Herbs for immunity

There are many herbs that, thanks to their valuable ingredients, support the functioning of the immune system. The most important of them are:


Undoubtedly, garlic has been known for centuries as a natural antibiotic. It has also been proven that its regular use mobilizes immune cells to fight pathogens, and sulfur compounds are responsible for this, among others thiosulfinate, allin and allicin. In addition to the fact that they have the ability to eliminate bacteria, they also weaken the viruses responsible for the common cold. Garlic is a good remedy. To facilitate its daily consumption, you can reach for supplements with garlic. Thanks to this, the garlic smell doesn’t have to be masked everyone, while maintaining all the valuable ingredients that improve immunity and fight viruses and bacteria.


Chokeberry fruits contain a whole set of minerals and vitamins, including those that mobilize immune cells to fight pathogens.


This is one of the most valuable natural sources of vitamin C, which when used regularly reduces the body’s susceptibility to infection.

Herbal preparations for immunity

Since we already know the valuable properties of herbs for colds and immunity, we can think about the preparations in which we can find these ingredients. We present some example of herbal preparations for the immunity


Supporting the immune system is a process that takes time. Therefore, it is worth reaching for herbs for immunity with the end of the holiday, because it will give the best effect when our body will need support and increased protection. The above-mentioned herbal preparations also work well as aids in the treatment of colds and flu, which is why it is also worth remembering during illness.