Health of kidneys – how to support it?

Who of us has never had a nuisance in the kidneys? It is said that healthy and well-functioning kidneys are the cause of shiny hair, elastic skin, strong bones and … a wide smile. And there is something in it, because the kidneys, like no other organ are very interdependent with the central system, mainly because their presence is crucial for us to be able to function normally.

Kidneys functions

Work of the kidneys   directly translates into the functioning of other organs. The kidneys control the amount of body fluids as well as the concentration of ions in the blood. They guard our bodies against dangers, it is also through them that these dangers are expelled from our body. We will get rid of bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms. Thanks to the kidneys, it is possible to maintain an appropriate concentration of sodium in the body, as well as maintaining the acid-base balance. Therefore, at the moment when the kidneys start to fail and any problems arise, we must act really quickly and efficiently. In the case of kidney problems, the blood is not well cleaned, so it reaches the organs with harmful toxins and waste of metabolism. Simply put, we start poisoning from the inside.

Kidneys dysfunction

Therefore, when the work of our kidneys remains disturbed, the whole organism remains contaminated. It is also worth monitoring the frequency of urination – recently you do it less often? This should make you worried and think about it. Do you have problems with swelling on the face, arms and legs? It may be kidney problems. Your body is superfluously storing excess water you drink, and in addition you feel hard, drowsy, uncomfortable – just bad. You can not concentrate, concentrate, you have problems remembering, you do not get the balance, you are irritated – it’s time to change it. The best way for the kidneys will not be pharmacologic drugs, which addiction and cause that after some time we start to have problems with more and more organs. On the contrary, in the case of kidneys, as well as all other organs, they will work great – non-invasive, natural and completely safe – dietary supplements! What is worth to supplement?

Kidneys – supplement your health and comfort!

The best form of supplementation for kidneys will be definitely vitamins and minerals and herbal supplements. In the case of kidneys, herbal extracts have a strong purifying effect, as well as diuretic. Their supplementation not only increases the amount of urine excreted, but also improves the condition of organs, because the body gets rid of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and fungi.

Substances such as: colza herb, yarrow herb, nettle root, walnut leaves, dandelion root, chamomile flower, group B vitamins (especially B6 and B12), vitamin K and D, ginseng, as well as minerals – it is a salvation for the kidneys and for their recovery.

Rapessed herb

Rapeseed – mainly taken in form of oil can be support for your kidneys!

Rapeseed herb has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, thanks to which it perfectly cleans the organs and renews their good functioning.

Yarrow plant – beneficial natural way for kidneys support!

Yarrow herb, on the other hand, has an extremely fast ability to regenerate damaged organic spaces, thanks to azulene compounds, as well as choline, flavonoids, tannins, formic acids and acetic acids. This substance has an extremely beneficial effect on our body. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-haemorrhagic, bactericidal, auxiliary in the case of gastrointestinal disorders, indigestion, bloating, colic, or a decrease in appetite. In addition, this supplement supports metabolic processes as well as increases bile secretion.


Nettle is the most common used herb – and it’s awesome in cleansing your kidneys!

Nettle has a beneficial effect in the region of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, has a carminative effect, supports appetite. It regulates the metabolism, prevents excessive intestinal fermentation, supports the rebuilding and functioning of the kidneys, provides valuable micronutrients for our body.

Shepherd’s purse

Shepard’s purse – rarely used, but very beneficial!

Shepherd’s purse, on the other hand, is recommended for chronic gastritis and bowel diseases, which directly affect the functioning of the kidneys. This herb improves digestion, it also directly affects hepatic function, especially in terms of neutralizing all pains and cramps.

Chamomile flower

Chamomile is as beautiful as helpful!

Chamomile flower for this extremely well copes with bacteria, all kinds of inflammation, wounds and injuries.