Headache – how to prevent it?

Dietary supplements have recently become not only extremely popular, but also have become unusually healthy and desirable. This is primarily due to the fact that we ourselves are gaining more and more awareness and knowledge about our physicality, the structure of our body, its dependencies and needs. Let’s not hide that each of us dreams of a beautiful, muscular and perfectly slim figure, great skin tone, strong hair, nails, good and long life. No less, everyday life can overwhelm. Every day we are exposed to a lot of stress, we have a lot of duties, we also have a lot of expectations, which must be met – all this can give us a headache. If he’s talking about pain, he’s often   it is caused by many neurological factors. Whatever he is, we definitely want to avoid him because it makes our functioning much more difficult, causes discomfort and disturbs the everyday rhythm.

Headache – how to prevent it?

Headache can arise from too high or low blood pressure, through fatigue, overwork, lack of sleep, too much light. Often the reason is also radiation from other pain centers inside the body. It is worth knowing how to deal with a headache, without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals, which in the long term may even become addictive. The perfect way to healthy, rational and completely safe prevention of headaches are dietary supplements. It is they who are the quickest and least invasive way to work and remove pain. What supplements to pay attention in this case? What should we have in our medicine cabinet every day?

Optimal blood pressure ranges for different ages.
Optimal blood pressure ranges for different ages.

The best headache supplements

Vitamins for pain

Headache is not entirely obvious, because it can be caused by many factors. One of them may be, for example, a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It is therefore worth supplementing the B vitamins (especially vitamin B6 and B12), as well as vitamin D and folic acid. It is they who strengthen and build appropriate connections of neuronal neurons, which control the internal central system corresponding to min. for pain or muscle cramps.

Excellent supplements for headaches are also: ginseng, extract of green tea leaves, chamomile, lemon balm, or gilt honey.

Headache and collagen

In addition, in the case of headaches, it is worth using collagen known to all of us. Contrary to appearances, it is this component that remains the basic and the most valuable protein constituting the center of our body, including the nervous system. It is the collagen that builds skin structures, joints, tendons, bones, cornea of ​​the eye and cerebral lobes, which are directly responsible for the feeling of the so-called headache through our body, subconsciousness. He is also responsible for production processes in the case of so-called synovial fluid, as well as for maintaining cartilage flexibility and hardness, moisturizing the skin and proper regeneration of its epidermis. What is important, collagen is also responsible for cohesion, strength and adequate elasticity of connective tissue, including nerve neurons.

Caffeine for a headache

Supplements for headache containing caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid are also ideal for head pain. These are the means intended for each type of pain of low or medium intensity (headaches, rheumatism, migraine, myalgia, as well as neuralgia or toothache), they will also be effective in fever and symptomatic treatment of colds and flu .

Supplements for headache

Supplements are more effective and healthier than common pharmaceuticals, that they do not cause any side effects, if they are used as recommended, and leave no shortages in our body, are not invasive to it – only completely safe. Therefore, before taking a headache, we reach for pharmacological agents, it is worth choosing rational supplementation that will help with an equally quick and effective level, and will not hurt.