Harmfulness of milk

Milk is the perfect food … for a baby; provided that it is drinking his mother’s milk. Cow’s milk is a great food only for calves. Everything you know about milk and milk products is probably part of a myth spread by the dairy industry.

Milk marketing

Advertising campaigns convey information that milk is healthy and has a beneficial effect on the human body. Meanwhile, the truth is completely different. Cow’s milk contains some dangerous and pathogenic substances – its consumption leads to cardiovascular disease, causes cancer and damage to many internal organs and several other ailments. Contrary to popular belief, milk does not make bones strong. On the contrary, it flushes calcium out of the body, which leads to osteoporosis.

Origin of drinking milk

Since ancient times, people have learned to use the richness of nature. Thus they built their entire civilization. Somewhere along the way, they also learned to drink milk produced by other species of animals. I do not deny that cow’s milk is an excellent source of food for calves, which – thanks to the hormones contained in milk (there are over fifty of them) – can gain weight very quickly. When they get older, they stop drinking milk, and so are all mammals on Earth.

Moreover, each species has its own milk. It can be said that they are designed only for him, having the appropriate properties that favourably affect the young of this one species. It is similar to a man. Human mother’s milk has a completely different composition than cow’s milk.

Despite this, the dairy industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Why? Because for many years he has been conducting mass campaigns for his products. This information is so deeply ingrained in the human mind that hardly anyone questions the generally accepted truth.

Milk and calcium

The myth about the health benefits of milk is mainly based on one misconception that the drink, due to its high protein and calcium content, is essential for strengthening bones. The mistake is easy to understand since there is approximately 300 mg of calcium in one cup.

However, detailed scientific studies have shown that milk consumption has a detrimental effect on health. The most surprising thing is that the human body hardly absorbs any calcium from cow’s milk. Why is this happening? Since our body only absorbs calcium when its ratio to phosphorus is at least 21 to 1. Cow’s milk does not meet this requirement, so the absorption of calcium is very low.


Many readers may now wonder what they should do with the above information. I will certainly not persuade anyone to give up dairy products altogether. Removing dairy from your diet immediately is not a good idea. I’ve been doing it myself gradually for some time. The first step was to give up adding milk to coffee. This is a minor austerity, but it allowed me to begin my way to detoxification. It’s harder further on, but it’s really worth sacrificing a few of your favourite dishes. The reward is a longer and healthier life. And the choice – as always – is on our hands.