Green coffee extract supports slimming

Chlorogenic acid is an organic chemical compound that is a natural antioxidant. It occurs in such products as hawthorn, artichoke, nettle or yerba mate. One of its easily digestible sources is green coffee extract. In our article, we will try to show you some of the benefits of using this product.

  1. Green coffee – description
  2. When to use?
  3. How does the green coffee extract work?
  4. Supplementation and side effects


  1. Green coffee – description

Green coffee extract is a treasure trove of chlorogenic acid – a compound that is a widely occurring antioxidant in plant tissues. The extract arises from roasted coffee beans, and its chemical composition is very similar to the formula contained in the seeds. The main difference concerns the number of molecules of the aforementioned acid, which is higher in the essence described.


  1. When to use?

Numerous applications of green coffee extract are dictated by the properties of chlorogenic acid. His main activities include regulating liver function, better absorption of fatty compounds, lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, stimulation due to the occurrence of caffeine, improvement of vitality, reduction of excessive body weight.


  1. How does the green coffee extract work?

Decoction of green coffee is both the main and an intermediate element of the fight against overweight and obesity. The acid which is often referred to mediates the action of the extract due to the very easy absorption by the body. It is also worth mentioning a few important issues.

First, the mechanism of action of the extract is not fully understood – it is assumed that its slimming properties are dictated by the prevention of absorption of carbohydrates from the intestines after a meal. Secondly, remember that the effects of supplementation of this product are noticeable, but the product itself is not as effective as other slimming preparations. It does not change the fact that we are dealing here with a natural substance that is safer than other synthetic compounds.


  1. Supplementation and side effects

Scientific research on the impact of green coffee on the human body give the recommended portions of this preparation. The doses were determined based on the correlation to the chlorogenic acid content

– 240-600 mg in combination with a 50% supplement with chlorogenic acid;

– 600-1500 mg in conjunction with 20% of the supplement having the above compound;

– 1,200-3,00 mg in combination with a 10% supplement containing said acid.

The main contraindications to begin the use of preparations with green coffee there are all kinds of hypersensitivity to this ingredient and low blood glucose. In addition, pregnant women should consult their physician before using such products does not distract the stomach?

The use of green tea in accordance with the above-mentioned recommendations will not lead to an upset stomach. However, too much supply can cause dysregulation of the metabolism.