Greek nutrients and supplements contaminated by doping

634 products were analyzed. As many as 94 contained uncoated anabolic androgenic steroids, which accounted for 14.8% of the tested samples. However, I would like to emphasize the very important fact that the harm does not happen. In most cases, companies selling products containing pharmacological bonuses in one way or another suggested that this version of the supplement is strengthened. 

In May 2018 a study on nutrients and supplements used in Greece was published. In 170 teens, 9% used (unconsciously?) Supplements contaminated with SARM (selective androgen receptor modulators), anabolic-androgenic steroids (SAA), prohormones and aromatase inhibitors. 

All agents affecting the endocrine system were not shown in the composition placed on the packaging of supplements! Samples containing 15% of teenagers’ proteins, amino acids or preparations containing creatine were also taken – and no doping substances were found there. 

Does it mean that nutrients and supplements sold in official stores, the largest distributors are contaminated?

It is extremely unlikely! As I wrote, probably some teenagers deliberately and deliberately pretend to buy murky products, hoping that there will be no doping content. 


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