Glutamine supplements – why should you supplement this amino acid?

Glutamine is an endogenous amino acid that is part of dietary supplements for athletes. Supplementing glutamine by people associated with sport on a daily basis is primarily due to the fact that it has a beneficial effect on the body and its development. It is said that glutamine not only improves the efficiency of the body, but also increases its muscle mass and strength. However, it is worth knowing that taking glutamine as the only supplement is a big mistake. What should be used with glutamine?

    Glutamine – what is it? What functions does it perform in the body?

    Glutamine is a chemical compound qualified for a narrow group of endogenous amino acids. The vast majority of this substance, almost 70%, is synthesized inside our body. First of all, it is synthesized in the skeletal muscle from glutamic acid and ammonia. Only 30% of glutamine remains delivered to our body in food.

    Glutamine has a number of functions that are very important for the functioning of the body. Contrary to appearances, without it, it would be really difficult to have comfortable functioning and any psychophysical development. First of all, glutamine remains a precursor in the synthesis of protein and other amino acids, glucose and nucleotides. It takes an active part in maintaining the acid-base balance, as well as being the main carrier of nitrogen in our body.

    Glutamine - chemical formula
    Glutamine – chemical formula

    Glutamine metabolism remain the best source of energy for rapidly dividing cells, for example for those that are located directly in the immune system (lymphocytes and monocytes) and cells of the small intestine (enterocytes).

    Glutamine mainly deals with the support of immune response, it also improves the function of the digestive system, affecting at the same time the brain tissue and the circulation of water in the body. It should not be forgotten that the market of dietary supplements containing glutamine remains extremely wide.

    What about glutamine?

    Both pure glutamine forms (i.e. L-glutamine), glutamine peptides, as well as glutamine precursors are available: i.e. glutamic acid, glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate. It is important that supplements, in addition to glutamine, may also contain vitamins and minerals, as well as other amino acids, e.g. BCAA or Beta-alanine. Thanks to the appropriate support, the action of glutamine will remain even more intensified and effective. It will make our body even more productive and efficient. Especially in conditions of reduced immunity, in the case of injury, regeneration, spasms, depressed mood or excessive inflammation.

    BCAA Xplode in its limited edition branded with the most popular characters from the Dragon Ball Universe, will be the perfect to supplement the most important Branched Chain Amino Acids with Glutamine!
    BCAA Xplode in its limited edition branded with the most popular characters from the Dragon Ball Universe, will be the perfect to supplement the most important Branched Chain Amino Acids with Glutamine!

    In addition, glutamine with the addition of other substances can be successfully used in the case of problems with the digestive system, e.g. in the case of the so-called irritable bowel or with Leśniewski-Crohn’s disease. It significantly improves the level of regeneration and reconstruction of the intestinal epithelium, thanks to which we recover much faster and easier. We can also use it in states of mental exhaustion, as well as in moments of demanding mental work or mental effort, because it supports concentration and improves the work of the cerebral lobes.

    Glutamine dosage – how to use it, not to overdo it?

    Many of us are not fully aware of the fact that all substances, regardless of their quality, composition and source – remain harmful, do not work properly – when they are not taken in a proper way. Manufacturers, specialists and physicians deliberately leave an annotation on the packaging on the amount and time of taking the given supplements.

    As for glutamine, the manufacturers of supplements with this substance usually give a dose of 10g per day on the packaging. This dose is divided into the morning (on an empty stomach) and for the time after training. In the case of advanced people, this dose can be increased up to 40g per day. Then, it should be remembered that increasing the dose up to 100g each day will not bring the expected results, on the contrary. Therefore, neither in this nor in any other case where diet supplements are involved, there is no such thing as – the more, the better. Therefore, let’s take care of ourselves, let’s be aware of what we are supplementing and what we want to achieve thanks to that. Remember that knowledge and awareness of work, the state of your body is crucial for development, well-being and long life. Dietary supplements can help us, but only if we support them with a healthy and rational diet, as well as properly performed training.