Glutamine enhances the effect of leucine

The use of leucine by the athletes’ environment is usually associated with its anabolic effect.It turns out, however, that by using glutamine additionally we are able to strengthen its action.


The researchers used 23 men in the study, which they divided into 3 groups.The whole, however, was to do the same kind of effort, which was 5 sets of jumps from the increase of 20 repetitions each series.They jumped from 60 cm to the floor doing squatting at least 90 degrees bend in the knees.On days 1, 2 and 3, the researchers also determined how high the subjects can jump.

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During the experiment, the placebo group received several grams of maltodextrin with water.The second group received maltodextrin with leucine.The third group is maltodextrin with leucine and glutamine.Doses of individual amino acids in a daily portion were 17 g leucine and 39 g glutamine.


The third group using a combination of glutamine and leucine had a lower level of creatine kinase on days after jumping tests, which means a faster rate of regeneration.What’s more, people from the third group after three days of rest performed higher jumps than in the tests before the experiment

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Subjects in the third group were characterized by greater energy than the other groups, which allowed them to jump higher on the third day of rest after the test.High doses of leucine with the addition of glutamine allowed to increase the eccentric strength of the subjects.It is still necessary to investigate whether a similar effect will occur with smaller doses of leucine, as the amounts used in the experiment were quite extremely high.


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