Glucosamine protects against fatal heart attacks!

It turns out that glucosamine is much more than a supplement that protects joints from wear. There are more and more indications that glucosamine is a broader preparation. It turns out that glucosamine can reduce the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease.


    Researchers at the University of Tulane in New Orleans conducted the study and published their findings in BMJ. Their research results indicate that glucosamine may reduce the risk of terminal cardiovascular disease. They were carried out on a group of people over 45 years of age. It turned out that those who regularly supplemented glucosamine (due to smaller or larger problems with the joints) were less likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer.

    Chemical structure of glucosamine
    Chemical structure of glucosamine

    This only further intrigued the scientists who in their subsequent research focused on the circulatory system. Almost half a million people joined the study. Data on them were collected in the years 2006-2010, and in addition to 2016, scientists were able to observe study participants. It should also be noted that when starting the study, participants were free from cardiovascular disease.


    People who used glucosamine were 15% less likely to have cardiovascular disease, and 20% were less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who did not.

    An interesting observation was that glucosamine had a greater effect on smokers than non-smokers. It also had a negligible effect on people using anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. This is probably due to the fact that smoking causes inflammation. Glucosamine is suspected to protect the cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation.

    In conclusion, it can be assumed that glucosamine brings more good than is commonly recognized. Glucosamine can not only help with joint problems but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Certainly more research will appear on this topic.