Glucosamine may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Glucosamine, which is found in joint care supplements, probably also inhibits many types of cancer that are difficult to treat. This was discovered by molecular biologists from the Beckman Research Institute in California. 

Glucosamine inactivates the STAT3 gene in cancer cells. Doctors believe that it is more difficult to treat cancers in which this gene is active. 

Researchers examined prostate cancer cells DU145. The cells were extracted from the brain of a man with prostate cancer who already possessed secondary parts. When scientists added a few micromoles of glucosamine to the cells, their growth decreased. 

Healthy cells are self-destructive if they “come off the course in any way. This “programmed suicide has been deactivated in cancer cells. Researchers used it in prostate cancer cells because the STAT3 gene produced excess protein. The STAT3 protein is active when the cell attaches a phosphor group to the Tyr 705 fragment of this protein. Glucosamine inhibits this process, cancer cells produce less survivin enzyme, and this in turn prevents self-destruction of cells. 

Finally, the researchers compared the effect of glucosamine on different types of cancer cells. In HeLa cells, glucosamine reduced their lifespan. HeLa cells are cervical cancer cells. 

The fact that glucosamine can inhibit cancer is being studied by scientists for some time. Half a century ago, it was written in Nature. Nature. 1953 February 7; 171 (4345) 252-4 Last year, American epidemiologists announced that people taking glucosamine are less likely to have lung and intestinal cancer and that they live longer. 


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