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The use of carbohydrate-protein products is a fairly common strategy to support the diet. This is an option that allows us to deliver a high amount of calories quite easily, which is a tasty cocktail. Gainers in the composition have mainly carbohydrates, and their division on the supplementation market is based on the percentage of protein.

The simplicity of using this type of nutrient makes the gainer happy to put in the diet of training people, especially those who have problems with building muscle mass. Gainer’s task is to effectively raise the amount of calories in the diet, supplement carbohydrates as well as proteins. However, does it actually work? Is it a product that can realistically support an athlete’s body?

Mutant MassWhat is gainer?

Gainers are products whose task is to provide macronutrients, which will help build muscle mass. The main purpose of the use is therefore to supplement the diet. During the post-workout period, Gainer aims to support the anabolic window, which fits perfectly into activities aimed at improving regeneration and accelerating the recovery of damaged muscle fibers. Looking at the gainer in terms of composition, we can see that it is mainly a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, which are additionally supplemented with a small amount of fats, vitamins or minerals. The main feature is that they are easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates. It is important that the gainer has a small amount of fat that will allow the absorption of vitamins.

You can use it as an additional option during the day or as an emergency when you fall out of one of the meals, and we have no other option to prepare it. In sport terms, it is a product that will provide us with a quick energy injection in the form of carbohydrates as well as building components in the form of amino acids from protein. Therefore, training people are eager to use the gainer as the first meal after exercise. This option is intended to prevent the load on the digestive system, whose work may be somewhat limited after training. It will perfectly complement the depleted glycogen level and at the same time provide a complete set of EAA amino acids.

What types of gainers do we distinguish?

On the supplementation market, we divide mainly due to the amount of proteins contained in 100 g of the product. We therefore distinguish gainers by

10% protein content – usually used by people who have problems with the supply of the right amount of carbohydrates, as well as those who have problems with sewing. These are usually extreme ectomorphic states, for which the weight gain is extremely difficult, and the kilograms built require time and commitment,
20% protein content – the most popular percentage of proteins in a gainer conditioner. Usually used in the training area as nutritional support. Trainers use nutrients of this type as a quick meal before and after exercise,
30% protein content – gainers with this amount of protein are a little more valued by experienced people because of their replacement meal function. The percentage of proteins of this type fits perfectly into the bodybuilding diet, providing optimally balanced macronutrients,
50% protein content – this type of gainers are called bulka. The product is recommended for people who need a significant amount of protein and a certain amount of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate and protein nutrients can be divided additionally due to the quality and type of protein or carbohydrates used. Usually, however, the gainers with WPC protein predominate on the supplementation market. Less often are those that have the addition of wheat proteins. Personally, we do not recommend this type of solution, because proteins of this type are worse in terms of the composition of amino acids, and the taste of the gainer will be less pleasant. In turn, carbohydrates are mainly divided by the percentage of such fractions as maltodextrins, glucose, dextrose or more complex ingredients such as starchy and wheat hydrolysates. Be careful not to confuse weaker wheat proteins with valuable wheat / wheat starch)


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What qualities should a good quality gainer have?

Good quality gainer should primarily have high quality proteins. When choosing a conditioner, we should pay attention to whether it contains only a whey protein concentrate or an addition in the form of another protein fraction. It would be good if the conditioner was based only on WPC, without the content of vegetable proteins. An exclusive addition will be the use of the WPC mix with WPI. Protein-based proteins based on whey protein concentrate are amino acids EAA. As we know, exogenous amino acids are those that our body needs unconditionally because it is unable to produce them alone. We must remember that a large amount of carbohydrates in the gainer will effectively support the use of proteins due to insulin release. Insulin will help more effectively use the consumed proteins that go directly to our muscles in the form of amino acids.

Who are gainers recommended for?

As I wrote before, gainers are recommended mainly to slim people who want to gain a faster weight gain. This means that people with rapid metabolism should use this option, which will help them build muscle.

However, not only the ectomorphics can use the gainer. Gainer is also of great importance in the context of post-workout anabolism support, muscle recovery after training, and regeneration. Therefore, this type of nutrient is also used by experienced people who know the advantages of a food source in a fast, easily digestible form. The use of the gainer fits perfectly in the so-called anabolic window. It is a physiological state of the body, which is focused on a more efficient use of the nutrients provided. What’s more, the body is able to absorb more of them, which means that we can try to supply them in the form of a gainer.

Also interesting is the fact that reducing people also use the gainer to quickly supplement macronutrients after physical exercise. Gainer is designed to speed up post-workout recovery, which is important from the point of view of protecting muscle tissue against catabolism.

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How to dose?

The dosage of the gainer will depend to a large extent on the dietary deficiencies we have. This means that the amount of nutrient used should cover our dietary deficiencies. Usually, however, training people with a body weight not exceeding 80 kg use 2 servings per day for 70 g of nutrients. Trainers over 90 kg to 100 kg of body weight use 2-3 portions of the gainer after 70 g. Bodybuilders in turn, weighing over 100 kg, use 2-3 portions of the gainer after 100 g, where this amount is used mainly on training days.

The optimal period for using the gainer is the peri-training period. Ideally, if we plan a significant part of it in the post-workout time. This is the moment to use a fast energy source as well as easily digestible protein, due to the anabolic window described earlier. During this period, Gainer will work perfectly as an option of additional nutritional support.

Lean people who have low body weight should use a smaller portion of nutrient during the day with greater frequency. This will ensure the continuity of the supplied energy as well as the components supporting the construction. This type of activity should provide faster training effects.

How much weight can we put on?

The use of gainer nutrients will allow us to accelerate the effect of building muscle mass. We must remember that it is a long-lasting process and requires patience. The use of the gainer allows you to catch about 3-5 kg ​​of muscle mass on a monthly basis. This is an impressive amount, the more so if we take into account the period of building muscle mass, which usually takes 3-4 months. We must remember that this is a result dependent on individual preferences and will depend on the capabilities of our body.

Does it have side effects?

Nutrients based on proteins and carbohydrates are completely safe products. This means that there is no reasonable real risk of liver or kidney burden when using this type of support. Gainers are easily digestible products, and their use is not a problem for our digestive system. Gainer supplementation should be considered mainly in the context of providing nutrients, so it is not a product that has a special effect, such as stimulants. So do not worry, it can be a permanent addition to our diet.


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