Gainer for muscle mass!

Supplementation is designed to support the training plan. On the internet forums, questions are constantly passing, usually from beginners gyms, ie What gainer to mass? What gainer do you recommend? What good and cheap gainer? Which gainer to choose? Our material will dispel all doubts on the subject of this conditioner. Check if the gainer is necessary in the mass period.



Gainer is a highly processed carbohydrate-protein supplement.

70-80% of nutrients are carbohydrates.

20-30% of the composition is proteins and fats.

Usually it is a mixture of mono, oligo and polysaccharides, i.e. carbohydrates with different glycemic index.The protein occurs in the form of whey, less often, among others, casein and albumin.


Gainer and effects

Gainer nutrients are used to deliver a high dose of calories in a short time. Remember that this is only a dietary supplement, so the effects of its use depend on the diet plan. Gainer on mass? Will certainly help gain extra kilos of muscle, if the balance caloric will be positive, and macronutrients properly selected.

Gainer and side effects

Excess adipose tissue – this is the main side effect that supplementer gains, or rather its improper use.That’s why you need to adjust the nutrient dose to your diet. Sometimes, too frequent dosing of the supplement during the day (eg as a replacement for every meal) ) What to pay attention to when buying a gainer? The composition of the nutrient plays a major role here.The reputable product is usually more certain, so it is worth knowing what company produced the conditioner that we are interested in.


When is the gainer?

When is it worth to reach for the gainer? Certainly before and after training. Carbohydrates with different IG (glycemic index)

they should give us energy to train;

provide essential nutritional values ​​after gym classes have ended.


When it comes to the time of the day when it is best to take the Gainer, it depends of course on the nutritional plan, and the nutrient will also be the best solution for ectomorphics, or people with rapid metabolism.” This is also a good way – and caloric for those busy.


How do you use Gainer?

The dosage of the gainer should be adjusted only in the context of deficiencies in the diet.

If we miss 40 grams of carbohydrates – measure a portion of the gainer, in which there is exactly a portion of coals.

It can be mixed with milk and water.If we dissolve it in milk, add the nutritional value of milk in the calorific balance.


Gainer for the night?

Gain nutrient used at night? There is a belief that carbohydrates consumed at night are deposited in the form of adipose tissue. Although this is not entirely true, it is often discouraged to use a gainer for the night, but if you decide to eat nutrients before going to sleep, best:

take her a small dose;

use the best gainer, no sugar in the composition.


Gainer and opinions

There are opinions on the internet that demonize the gainers, and those that definitely recommend using nutrients.” Is it actually the right way to supplement calories in your diet and build muscle mass? How many people, so many opinions on the subject, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. remember that the gainer – like any supplement – requires proper use.


Gainer for mass

Gainer is mistakenly associated with a magical way to mass, it should only be used as a dietary supplement, of course, you can make a home gainer, although there is a lot of stores for this kind of massages, and you do not need to be afraid of weight gainers – you need to however, their well-thought-out supplementation.