Gainer – 6 reasons to use it

Gainers are nutrients, which consist of carbohydrates and proteins, most often in a ratio of 41. Depending on the manufacturer and the formula they use in their products, we can meet with supplements enriched with glutamine, BCAA amino acids, or creatine. They are directed to people who want to achieve a specific effect and meet the demanded needs, not only for carbohydrates and proteins. It is a very versatile conditioner. Below are 6 reasons why you should use a gainer.


  1. Gainer helps to meet higher caloric demand

One of the reasons why you should reach for the gainer is the fact that it allows you to cover even high caloric demand. Often, during really intense workouts, we can encounter a situation in which the amount of food needed is much greater than that which we are able to consume. In such a situation the gainer is an excellent proposition, because the large amounts of carbohydrates contained in it will help us fill the gap in the menu with no discomfort due to the stomach full of food.

  1. Different levels of calorie

Different mixtures, from different manufacturers, will allow you to modify the caloric content of meals and their composition. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose products with a higher fat content, a specific amount of minerals, or look for something completely different, created just for you

With a bit of good will, it will be possible to create the perfect mix, which will be a good solution depending on the time of day. Gainer can be used when eating large amounts of food is not possible or when your meals are irregular.


  1. Gainer can replace a post-workout meal and be a dietary supplement

How many times have you had too little time to prepare a full-fledged and healthy post-workout meal? Gainer will come here to help you, which will quickly fill in the shortcomings of the basic macronutrients.

As we know, delivering carbohydrates and protein after hard training is crucial for muscle regeneration and rebuilding used during glycogen training. Gainer will help you meet your first needs, and the carbohydrate-protein mix will be a great solution to the lack of time after training.

Reaching for richer products, with ingredients necessary for everyday functioning, such as fats, we can try to use the gainer as an ordinary meal. Of course, the practice is not recommended in the long run, but for the sake of eating your diet on a given day is completely in place.


  1. Specially selected fats allow you to stay slim

It is impossible to hide that fats are present in gainers. However, their selection is the basis for a good body build. For this reason, it is worth reaching for high-end products, with a thoughtful composition that will not cause body fat, and cheat dry muscle mass.

Due to the fact that gainers are mainly recommended to ectomorphics – people who are harder to gain weight – it is worth carefully rethinking the chosen product and not introduce it too often into your diet plan.

Cases in which those using gainers are overfilled with fat are known, but this is mainly due to ill-considered dosage and consumption of nutrients at bad times. Remember that the compounds contained in the package are quickly absorbed, so the best time for their consumption will be up to two hours after training.


  1. Make your creatine work more efficiently

The case concerns not only the gainers with creatine in it. This is usually not much. We can help with additional creatine from a separate box. The skeptics and enthusiasts of consuming it along with the carbohydrates that we find in the gainer are really many. However, studies conducted for years, indicate that consuming both of these supplements at the same time, may contribute to the increased absorption of creatine.


  1. Faster regeneration with BCAA and glutamine amino acids

Conditioner, in which there will be additional BCAA and glutamine amino acids will significantly support regeneration processes. After a meal, it will allow you to return to full fitness faster.


Glutamine will provide

stimulation of protein building processes by supplying nitrates,

it will reduce the time of muscle regeneration,

it will prevent catabolic reactions,

it will help in replenishing the stored glycogen stores.


In turn, the presence of BCAAs will help the body to calmly and effectively build tissue, because it is amino acids that are responsible for the creation of proteins – new ones, as well as the regeneration of those already exploited.