GABA and melatonin – for sleep and regeneration

It is heard that the basis for shaping the body is a diet well chosen for our body and strength training, performed well in terms of technology. However, it is often noticed that you can omit another important factor determining our effects. It is the proper regeneration of the body so that we are ready to do everyday work, home duties or hard training.

Undoubtedly, the quantity and quality of our sleep correspond to this regeneration. Recommendations speak about 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This amount is usually enough for the vast majority of people to properly regenerate our muscles and the central nervous system.

But what if we have problems falling asleep, often wake up at night and sleep less than the recommended amount? Then, we can help with proper supplementation. The first thing that comes to mind at the time is the two most interesting compounds that affect the ease of falling asleep with simultaneous improvement in the quality and depth of sleep, with the limitation of night-time waking. These are melatonin and GABA, i.e. gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Melatonin, a hormone synthesized in the pineal gland, is referred to as a tryptophan derivative. It works well for sleep disorders of various types, which, as defined by research, affect as much as 20% of people.

Recommendations for the use of GABA and melatonin are quite individual. For this reason, it is worth checking out on yourself starting supplementation from the lowest effective dose, or about 750-1,5 g in the case of GABA and 1 mg for melatonin. Higher values ​​are also given in scientific research. These are 3 g of GABA and 3 mg of melatonin.

Recommended melatonin supplement - Apollo's Hegemony Melatonin3
Recommended melatonin supplement – Apollo’s Hegemony Melatonin3


The results of scientific research determine to a large extent the positive effect of melatonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid on the regeneration of our body. For this reason, people who have problems falling asleep and the quality of sleep, definitely can try to overcome this problem and enjoy better quality of training and general functioning.


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