G-Bomb – ingredients, dosage, customer feedback

Amino acids are an important component of our body. Among them is, among others, a particularly important glutamine, whose high level is recorded in muscle tissue. Therefore, there should be no more surprise that this amino acid is extremely important if someone thinks about muscle development. The basic biological functions of glutamine in the human body is antioxidant activity, it can be used as a substrate in gluconeogenesis and as a nucleotide precursor. It also has a positive effect on the intestinal function. If someone is doing heavy training, they need to know that the glutamine dose will be very important. The proper nitrogen balance in the body is also important, which can further lead to muscle development.It is worth to provide glutamine in this situation, and this option gives us, among other things, a G-Bomb conditioner.


  1. G-Bomb – product characteristics
  2. What ingredients are in G-Bomb?
  3. G-Bomb dosing
  4. G-Bomb – customer feedback

G-Bomb 2.0

  1. G-Bomb – product characteristics

G-Bomb Conditioner is an offer prepared by the Scitec company.In its composition there are several forms of glutamine that will positively affect our body.These are the following components: n-acetyl-L-glutamine (NAG), L-glutamine, L-glutamine ethyl ester (GEE), L-alanyl-L-glutamine. In addition, this product also contains grapefruit fruit extract with a high content of naringin and bioperine.These are ingredients that improve the absorption of other compounds contained in the supplement.

The action of ingredients present in the formula of the supplement contributes to the effective reduction of negative phenomena associated with muscle breakdown. This is also very important, because we have to reckon with the fact that catabolic changes are unfavorable to us, because they hinder work on the dream figure.

  1. What ingredients are in G-Bomb?

The G-Bomb supplement included the appropriate ingredients, and the formula was deprived of unnecessary additives. It contains micronized L-glutamine, L-alanine, L-glutamine, L-glutamic acid, calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, L-glutamic acid pteroyl. Of course, this is support in the form of strong transporters that will pass on valuable components. If we use this product, you can count on the fact that we deliver a large dose of glutamine to the body and effectively supplement the deficiencies created in the body, which will undoubtedly affect the results worked out during the training.

  1. G-Bomb dosing

It is a product that should be used on training days, as well as those without physical activity. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, one dose of supplement should be taken daily in the okotaining period – eg 30 minutes before or after the end of training – or at bedtime. Do not modify the number of servings prescribed by the manufacturer, as this may cause unwanted side effects.

  1. G-Bomb – customer feedback

It is a conditioner assessed by people training very positively. They pay attention primarily to the fact that the product has an effective effect. Customers emphasize the rich composition of the preparation and the content of glutamine in various forms. It is worth to opt for supplements with glutamine, which will work on our body and support it in the implementation of the set training plan.