Functional training elements of strongman training

All buoys watched at strongman competitions have enormous functional potential – they will work for those who want to get rid of body fat, improve strength, mass, speed or anaerobic capacity. If you are afraid of weight gain, suggesting the appearance of strongmen – I have good news. You will not look like this unless you break the basic rules of nutrition and training. In the case of strongmen, the long-term use of pharmacology is at stake. A person training without support will never achieve mass overgrowth. 

As we have already determined, this type of activity is of great functional importance. This does not mean that you have to increase your body weight to 140-150 kg using a ton of pharmacological agents. 


Examples of exercises 

Farmer’s walk – walking around with a load in both hands. This is one of the best exercises that build strength, mass and dynamics of the competitor, while testing the strength of the grip, 

Loading on time (eg you transfer the load in the shortest possible time to a certain height), 

Holding weight on time – deadlift (stopped position, you train strength of grip); variant – holding the weight in straightened hands, arms parallel to the ground, 

Lorry, dynamic pull-up of the weight along the torso, rasp shank (maximum width, grip), 

Heavy dynamic lifting of the weight along the torso with a classic grip – throwing (ordinary grip width – slightly wider than shoulder width), 

A bushman’s walk (the weight rests on the back, we walk with a load for a certain distance)


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