Four symptoms indicating that you should stop making mass

The development of muscle mass is undoubtedly an important element of work on the figure, especially for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. Some people, however, approach this topic with too much involvement, which sometimes results in a disorder of body and fitness harmony, and in extreme cases causes health problems. Being a whole year on the mass is neither sensible nor healthy, so it is worth from time to time to take a break from the caloric surplus, look in the mirror and consider whether the larger by a further centimeter biceps are actually able to compensate defect in the form of sticking out and greasy belly … 

In this guide, I will point out five important symptoms indicating that it is time to finish making the mass and take fairly a reduction. 

The effect of invisible feet usually affects people who have managed to grow a solid energy reserve in the form of visceral fat (located within the internal organs in the central part of the figure) and consists in the fact that in the standing position the protruding belly obscures part of the visual field … not only aesthetic but also health problem. 

Excessive visceral fat results in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Besides, let’s not kid ourselves, the higher the level of fatness, the harder it is to build clean muscle tissue, so further mass making will result in the fact that you will be so, but what you gain will hardly be called muscle mass. Remember, if your waist circumference exceeds half your growth, it’s time to change your priorities! Measure yourself and weigh at least once a month. 


If for some time you have strange headaches, hot flushes, feel pulsing at the temples while making a cage, I suggest you invest some in your own health and measure your blood pressure. It is significant that the heart and the entire circulatory system have limited adaptive power when it comes to feeding extra kilos. If you’re fast, it’s almost certainly your blood pressure will increase. As long as it does not exceed the limit values, everything is OK. But as one day the measurement will indicate more than 160/100 mmHg, then you may start to worry. 

Such high values ​​are associated with an increased risk of adverse health consequences, including sudden coronary events. If you do not avoid foods rich in refined sugars (including nutrients for mass), hard fats and salt, and – even worse – you use anabolic-androgenic steroids, then you know that for extra kilos you risk not only your own health but also your life. The pressure should be measured at least once a month in the morning. 

Consistent weight gain, especially if not accompanied by exercise training can lead to a rapid deterioration of the aerobic condition. The consequence of this state of affairs may be not only the problem of finishing the marathon in the leading position, but even climbing the stairs to the first floor, or performing other daily activities requiring even little effort. In the end, the finale may be such that a greater shortness of breath will cause a walk to the gym than training with weights … 

If your aerobic fitness is getting worse from week to week, I suggest you think about revising your current diet and training strategy. Well, unless you want to become a massive and muscular cripple


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