Fitness myths

Drinking water helps you lose weight

It is very often said that drinking a lot of water is a cure for almost every disease. You have certainly heard that drinking lots of water will improve your complexion, or that it has a detoxifying effect. This all sounds wonderful and encouraging because it turns out that you don’t have to ingest a handful of supplements after all, just drink a few additional glasses of water. Unfortunately, that’s just the false premise.

According to a study that was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, it was proven that the above-mentioned health benefits of drinking water are not true. Another lie is that drinking large amounts of water reduces hunger. Water does not reduce hunger in any way. Yes, it may allow you to forget about it, but only in such a way that you will be busier going to the toilet back and forth.

Stretching before a workout is crucial to prevent injuries.

We have to disappoint you, unfortunately. When it comes to stretching, these pre-workout exercises will not increase your range of motion at all. It may seem strange, but stretching can only be beneficial after a workout. Studies have proven that by stretching, muscles become destabilized, which then results in a lack of optimal preparation of muscles for physical effort. This can be quite dangerous, especially with strength sports. Stretching before a workout can even lead to a serious injury during the workout. It probably seems absurd to you, but stretching before a workout and its benefits is quite a common myth. Instead of stretching, you will be much better off doing a classic warm-up to speed up blood circulation and warm up your muscles before a more serious workout.

Vegetarian diets are healthier than those containing meat.

Many people insist that eating meat does more harm than good and in order to stay healthy, you should exclude it from your diet. We can confirm that eating an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits is very beneficial for the body. No vitamins from dietary supplements are absorbed as well as those of natural origin. But when it comes to meat, excluding it from your diet is not a wise idea. Meat is the main source of iron, which we need to maintain energy levels, maintain optimal nervous system functions, and ensure proper immune system response.

Eating meat is especially important for women just after pregnancy. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, iron deficiency in women is one of the factors that increase the likelihood of postpartum depression. Do you still think that meat in your diet is the reason for many diseases and you don’t need it for anything? There are foods that vegetarians consume to supplement iron. These include lentils, whole grain cereals, and flour products, as well as soy products and beans. You should include them wisely in your diet if you are following a fully vegetarian diet.