Fatal liver failure after methanabol

No, there will be no kind of metanabolic observation, your liver will explode.

However, it is worth remembering that you can have serious liver changes that are not manifest at all. The quoted study comes from a period when methanabol was not feared even for women and children. 

It is even more interesting that the woman (71-year-old) who was given androgens had previously had bowel cancer – it was surgically removed a few years earlier. She was admitted to the hospital on March 30, 1961. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis and a compression fracture of 3 lumbar vertebrae (she participated in 2 road accidents). At 105 lbs (47.6 kg) she was treated with 10 mg methanabol per day. By May 24, 1961, she had increased her body weight to 55.7 kg but she had swelling and jaundice. On June 3, 1961, he experienced mental haze, symptoms indicated hepatic encephalopathy. Several dozen days he was treated, but unsuccessfully. 86 days after admission to hospital, she died in a coma. 

Hepatic encephalopathy may be transient and reversible, but may also lead to death.


Because of liver failure. In the literature there are many detailed descriptions of deaths due to systemic complications due to alcohol abuse (eg, an attempt to heal and death of a 43-year-old female patient who was admitted to the emergency clinic due to symptoms of hepatic coma in the course of toxic alcohol-related cirrhosis the liver). 



Anabolic androgenic steroids administered by the oral route (methanabol, anapolon, winstrol) are extremely destructive to the liver. Therefore, before you apply them, you should think about it well. Individuals abusing alcohol and / or drugs are at particular risk. Little or nothing gives so-called in this area. casing. Sometimes very serious liver damage (and, for example, neoplastic changes) do not manifest in the analysis of the basic indicators of the liver – for which there are numerous examples in the literature on the subject. It is worth noting that the woman was given 2 x 5 mg of metanabol a day, many people use even 80-100 mg of metanabol a day. 


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