Everything about eggs!

  1. Eggs – what is worth seeing about them?
  2. Eggs are not bad! We overthrow the myth!
  3. A tasty meal with eggs


  1. Eggs – what is worth knowing about them?

One average egg weighs about 60 grams. It contains over 7 grams of protein, of which more is found in the yolk, which is also rich in healthy fat.

Egg protein is so-called a reference protein. Its coefficient of bioavailability is 0. This means that almost immediately after consumption, it is digested and along with blood, the products formed in the digestive process are transported to the body’s cells, including of course also to the muscles.

In view of the above facts, breakfast is a great time to eat eggs, when it is important to provide the body with the necessary ingredients for proper functioning and inhibit nocturnal catabolism as soon as possible.

  1. Eggs are not bad! We overthrow the myth!

So many people have heard in gyms or family homes about the fact that eating eggs often leads to elevated cholesterol or infertility – but is this really true?

The resulting nutritional norms, which determine the weekly consumption of eggs, although recent scientific studies have proven, are completely unfounded and should not be followed.

Healthy people can eat any number of eggs, because the cholesterol contained in them does not have a direct impact on the increase in the concentration of this ingredient in the human body. On the contrary, eating eggs is healthy and they should be in the daily menu of a physically active person. Especially one that deals with body sports.

  1. A tasty meal with eggs

Of course, it will not be scrambled eggs, because it would be too simple and predictable, besides, the amount of fat contained in the yolks, if you want to eat eg. scrambled eggs from 5 eggs, could already during the first meal to meet the daily need for this ingredient. Similarly, many people adore hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled eggs and are great for a meal. However, eggs in mayonnaise are lost, because they contain too much calories.

A great solution is to use only the egg whites, whipping them into froth, and then mixing them with the right amount of instant oatmeal and raisins. Then the whole is transferred to a pan, which should be preceded by a minimum amount of olive oil. The whole is prepared in the form of an omelette.

Remember not to eat the eggs raw. Contrary to prevailing archaic beliefs, raw eggs are not healthy, otherwise this meal is not properly absorbed by the body!

In this way you can prepare a delicious breakfast in just 15 minutes.

Bon Appetit!