Evening Primrose Oil – can fat be healthy?

Both in the newspapers and on the internet you can increasingly come across the topic of losing weight with the help of healthy fats. Health-promoting oils, which are used not only in cosmetics but also as supplements supporting the treatment of various diseases, are gaining popularity. Such a product is for example evening primrose oil.

    Evening Primrose Oil popularity

    Evening primrose oil is an increasingly popular form of supplementation used for health and beauty reasons. It is considered by many to be one of the best substances for preventive health care.

    This plant is common and grows in roadside areas. Its flowering period is indicated for June-August, during which time the evening primrose blooms intensively and produces its characteristic fragrance and yellow color. For skincare and food purposes, the evening primrose is pressed into oil.

    Health benefits of Primrose Oil

    At the moment, evening primrose oil is gradually being researched worldwide as a cure for diseases such as:

    – alcoholism

    – acne

    – heart disease

    – hyperactivity in children

    – menopause

    – multiple sclerosis

    – obesity

    – schizophrenia

    In addition to the above diseases, evening primrose oil has in its composition phenylalanine, which is an analgesic agent. The substance itself in its composition indicates a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular, linoleic acid (the content of about 70%), gamma-linolenic acid (representing about 10% of Primrose Oil’s fatty acid content), and oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. In addition to fatty acids, in evening primrose oil we can find phytosterols, amino acids, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, zinc, as well as plant enzymes.

    The oil extracted from evening primrose is a carrier of a large amount of a fatty acid called GLA. This acid is largely responsible for the health benefits of this plant. Evening primrose itself is one of the few plants that have this acid in its composition at all, yet it is found in high concentrations.

    More and more studies on evening primrose indicate that gamma-linolenic acid-GLA, linoleic acid, as well as other constituents that are the building blocks of cells in the body, and are effective in improving skin elasticity. Due to their properties, GLA and linoleic acid are substances that help regulate the hormonal balance of the entire body, while improving the functioning of the nervous system.

    Evening primrose oil contains fatty acids, micronutrients, and antioxidants which improve the overall condition of facial skin, even if you have problematic skin. GLA is effective in firming and moisturizing the epidermis, as well as reducing psoriasis, eczema, allergies, and acne.

    Can evening primrose oil be used for frying?

    Certainly, you can not use evening primrose oil as an element for frying and baking. Under the influence of temperature, its unrefined fats are not only destroyed but can also be converted into toxic substances. For these reasons, this product should only be used cold.


    It is worth noting that evening primrose oil is not a drug, but only a dietary supplement that is successfully used as an addition to many therapies. Due to the absence of side effects, its effects, as well as the possibility of use by children and pregnant women, this product will certainly gain more and more popularity!