Energy, strength, endurance. We choose the best way to stimulate before training

Sometimes, after a hard day, the last thing we want to do is intense training. Even if we can mobilize, go to a fitness club and take a dumbbell or a dumbbell in the hand or go on a treadmill, after a short time comes the moment of breakdown, we take a dry towel, a full bottle and we go to the locker room. There are a lot of ways to fatigue and lack of desire, some people drink coffee, others prefer to eat a chocolate bar, and others use a specially designed dietary supplement. Which solution is the best? 


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A belief has been established that sugar is strong. According to this principle, many people before sport go to sports bars, drink carbohydrate drinks and count on energy to blow them apart. Unfortunately, in practice, this solution often just does not work. Indeed, the intake of a certain amount of carbohydrates before or in a difficult effort can positively affect the exercise capacity, but we do not experience a characteristic makeup or greater motivation. Not only that, too high a dose of sugars will lead to silting and will make us slip warm slippers and sit in a chair than we will put on sneakers and go jogging … In summary, the bar will not motivate you to leave the house for training, will not stimulate, and at most will break temporary crises during long-term effort. This solution will certainly not help those who train to get rid of excess weight, a large dose of sugar will reduce fat burning during exercise. 

Whenever I enter a shop, I am struck by the multitude of energy drinks. The truth is that in all of the cans and plastic bottles there is exactly the same liquid stuffed with sugar, caffeine, a few vitamins and hard candy flavors. Already for about PLN 2 we can have a portion of a sweet drink that puts us on our feet. But can a power can check before physical effort?

Well, it looks like it is. A solid dose of sugar, caffeine and the addition of taurine may on the one hand increase the availability of glucose for the muscles, on the other stimulate the central nervous system and mobilize for action, unless of course do not interfere with artificial colors, chemical aromas, and of course – glucose syrup and sugar. As with the aforementioned bars, energy drink is not the best option for people who want to get rid of excess fat