Effective weight loss slimming – most important rules

Effective slimming of a greedy man who does not control snacking is a real challenge. You eat because you love to eat. You are not satisfied with small portions – you feel like chocolate, you eat the whole plate right away. Continuous snacking makes you feel hungry. If you are craving, you have a problem. Here are the rules of the diet and an example menu for a snack-hungry man.

How to slim your body?

Effective slimming of a greedy human who loves continuous snacking is difficult but not impossible. Since you don’t even realize how much you eat, try keeping a diary for a few days – write down everything you eat.

If you calculated the caloric content of these meals, you would find out how much you exceed your daily requirement. It amounts to a maximum of 2,450 kcal for a woman aged 2,660, when she is pregnant – 300 kcal more, and when she is feeding – 500 kcal more. For slimming to bring results, you must change your diet and lifestyle.

The 10 most important principles of effective weight loss

1. No more food to your heart’s content! You stop eating when you ALMOST satisfy your appetite. You must always leave something unsatisfied because the signal from the stomach to the brain goes about 20 minutes. Eat what you like, only in smaller quantities.

2. Start each day with breakfast.

3. Eat on a small plate, a smaller portion will fill the whole dish, giving the impression that you are still not refusing yourself. Never take extra when you have anything else on your plate. Do not eat leftovers (because it is wasted).

4. Bite each bite long and thoroughly. In this way, you will saturate more quickly, while on the other hand, thorough chewing makes the food digest better.

5. Eat consciously, not by the way. When you eat, do not read, do not watch TV, do not sit in front of the computer screen, and even limit conversations. Focus on what you have on your plate. Savour it!

6. Replace processed products with as close as possible to natural ones (whole grain bread, dark rice, coarse cereals).

7. Reduce fat, especially animal one – eat less meat, replace it with low-fat yellow cheese.

8. Every evening plan the menu for the next day, check if you have succeeded in implementing the plan for the passing day, try not to exceed it.

9. Start moving more. If you haven’t done any sports so far, start by exercising in water (it doesn’t have to be an organized group, e.g. aqua aerobics). You will feel lighter in the pool, you will exercise without effort. You will lose 500 kcal in an hour.

10. Don’t eat between meals! When you are hungry during the day, drink water (sparkling or not – as you like), brush your teeth or put a layer of your favourite lip gloss on your lips. As a last resort, reach for the muesli bar, eat a handful of pumpkin seeds (the tastier are roasted) or carrots. Give up black tea, which increases appetite, switch to green tea – accelerates fat burning – or fruity.