Effective supplementation for menstrual disorders

More and more women are having problems with regular periods. A regular cycle is considered to last no less than twenty-one days and no more than thirty-five days. The model cycle is considered to be one that is twenty-eight days long. However, it is worth noting that not many women have such ideal menstrual cycles. There are many reasons for this, one of the most common, is the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the daily diet. Problems with irregular periods can lead to many unpleasant ailments, even to infertility. So it is time to find out what dietary supplements are worth introducing into your everyday diet if you experience frequent menstrual irregularities.


It is necessary to include iron in a woman’s diet. It is a nutrient that protects against anemia, to which mature women who menstruate heavily are particularly prone. Despite the fact that in our daily diet we can find many products rich in iron, it is worth knowing that during bleeding a large loss of blood can occur, especially in women who have periods with heavy bleeding. If you have such periods, feel weak during bleeding, your skin is pale and devoid of color, it is necessary to see a doctor. Appopriate tests should be performed that will tell you whether you are anemic or at risk for it.

Vitamin D

There is a lot of talk about the fact that most of our society is deficient in vitamin D. This is a very important vitamin that affects many important biochemical processes in our bodies. It is also especially important for women who have irregular periods.

Vitamin D is responsible for the proper functioning of reproductive systems and hormonal economy. If it is deficient, a woman may experience menstrual irregularities and painful periods. Due to the fact that most of the population suffers from its deficiency, supplementation is recommended. This is why even specialists recommend taking appropriate supplements that will provide the body with the right doses of this nutrient and take care of our health.

Women who have used vitamin D supplements are reporting better well-being, less painful periods and more regular periods.


We must not forget that one of the most important minerals for everyone is magnesium. It affects almost three hundred metabolic processes occurring in the human body. There are many factors which may lead to a deficiency of this element. It is worth knowing that it is a nutrient which is naturally poorly absorbed by the digestive system. Its deficiency can occur due to frequent stress, incorrectly balanced diet as well as high mental and physical effort. So there are many women who may suffer from a deficiency of this element. And even a minimal deviation from the norm can lead to many disorders of the functioning of the whole body.

Through a deficiency of magnesium in the diet of a woman can lead to the appearance of not only problems with irregular periods, but also with painful bleeding. When a woman complains of painful periods, many specialists may recommend her to consume additional magnesium preparations.

Vitamin B6

If you suffer from irregular cycles and often experience pain during bleeding, it may mean that there is a disorder of hormone secretion. You can go to a doctor, who will perform specialized hormone tests. However, while you are waiting for your appointment and tests, you can start taking Vitamin B6. This is a nutrient that is very important for every woman because it supports the work of the endocrine system. And in addition, if you consume magnesium, vitamin B6 will increase the level of absorption of this element.