Dukan diet

Dukan diet was a huge hit among all those women who wanted to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms. It was very controversial and still arouses many emotions. A large part of people still believe in its pro-health activities. Why does it arouse such indignation among dieters and is it safe for our body?

Dukan diet – assumptions

This diet was created by the French doctor Pierre Dukan, who discovered that by eating proteins we increase our metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. The diet was primarily aimed at reducing the amount of fat. It consists of several stages, which must be strictly followed, so that the whole therapy would make any sense. It’s quite restrictive and is based on the elimination of some products from the diet. The stages of nutrition are aimed at cleansing our body of toxins and getting rid of excess body fat.

  1. Strike stage

It usually takes 5 days, and the products available for consumption are limited only to those proteins. We can eat: dairy products, eggs, lean meat. We avoid carbohydrates, such as bread, grains, pasta. We also cannot eat vegetables and fruits. This is the most difficult moment of the diet.

  1. Constant speed stage

We still eat protein products, but we combine them with vegetables and some carbohydrates. One day we have 100% protein, and the next protein with carbohydrates. This stage should last as many weeks as we want to lose kilograms, but it’s not recommended to use it for more than two months.

  1. The stage of maintainingweight

It lasts 10 days for each lost kilogram of the body. We are gradually incorporating products that were forbidden or very limited to us in the first and second stages. These days are designed to keep the current weight and prevent the yo-yo effect.

  1. Stabilization stage

This is the time when we are still stabilizing our weight. It’s best that this phase lasts until the end of our lives. It involves introducing one day a week in which we will only consume protein products.

The advantages of using Dukan Diet

This diet has many advantages – it undoubtedly teaches us discipline, but also a healthy approach to simple sugars. Thanks to it, we can not only eliminate simple sugar from the diet, but also reduce the need for this product. We make sure that we are not affected by whims in the form of sweets or unhealthy products. The diet also helps maintain a healthy body weight and nourishes the muscles.

Dangers of using the Dukan diet

– Nitrogen deposition that makes our kidneys work worse and may even make them stop working;

– Worsening of the mood – if we suddenly leave carbohydrates, we may feel tired, and thus our mood and efficiency will deteriorate

– Worse digestion, due to the lack of fibre in the diet

– Unpleasant odour from the mouth, through released chemicals – ketones, whose task is to burn fat

– Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals through a very strict elimination of vegetables and fruits

Dukan diet is only recommended to healthy people who are under the constant supervision of a doctor, but it’s not a good way to lose weight if we only want to get rid of fat and not healthy and rational nutrition.