Dry and allergic skin

Irritated, sensitive, allergic, dry skin requires special treatment. The use of ordinary cosmetics can cause irritation of this type of skin, so it is worth reaching for natural herbal preparations that not only care and protect it but also soothe uncomfortable skin changes, supporting the treatment of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. How to choose cosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin?

Sensitive skin and allergy

People with allergic, dry and sensitive skin know how difficult it is to choose the right cosmetics so that they do not aggravate the unpleasant symptoms of itching, redness, soreness and skin irritability. Sometimes washing your face with tap water or using ordinary drugstore cosmetics for cleansing and removing makeup from sensitive skin can result in painful irritation. Therefore, it is best to reach for specialized cosmetics brands, preferably those from the pharmacy shelf, which perfectly match the requirements of sensitive and allergic skin. Their multi-directional action allows you to maintain a good condition of the skin which is prone to irritation.

Preparations for sensitive skin are primarily intended to alleviate and soothe unpleasant symptoms, also, they should strongly moisturize the affected skin. Specialist skincare cosmetics for allergic and atopic skin should also have antipruritic and oiling properties. It is worth reaching for cosmetics based on natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, without irritating preservatives, fragrances and artificial colours. When choosing, it is worth following the principle that the simpler the composition, the better. The fewer substances potentially irritating the skin, the lower the risk of redness and skin burns.

Specialists recommend using concentrated formulations – the less of cosmetic you apply, the less chance of irritation. A small portion of the preparation must fulfil its functions. Overloading the skin may cause the opposite effect.

The ideal solution for irritated skin are ointments prescribed by dermatologists individually tailored to the condition and requirements of the concrete skin. Ointments and creams based on linseed oil, rich in vitamins A and E, work great in such cases. More and more dermo-cosmetics dedicated to irritated skin are available on pharmacy shelves, including washing emulsions, lotions, tonics, micellar lotions, ointments and creams.

What will work best?

First of all, herbal extracts of lemon balm, calendula and chamomile, combined with panthenol, glycerin, allantoin and vitamins A and E. Avoid cosmetics with alcohol, fruit acids and retinol. Cosmetics with silymarin-phospholipid complex from milk thistle moisturizes, softens and tones the epidermis, restoring the water balance of the epidermal barrier and contributing to improving water balance to reduce water loss from the skin. Furthermore, silymarin from the silymarin-phospholipid complex neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin against harmful external factors.

Herbal cosmetics are great for supporting psoriasis therapy and for the daily care of atopic, allergic, very dry skin with a tendency to crack. Cosmetics with a silymarin-phospholipid complex are used as an adjunct to steroid therapy, for irritation after sunbathing, insect bites, soothing irritations and after aesthetic dermatology treatments.