Doping for the brain

Do you not think that nowadays the human brain is working beyond the norm? Is it still working at full speed? Yes, that’s how it’s and today in the 21st century, the majority of us are struggling with this phenomenon.

Excess work and duties, reconciliation of family and professional life, willingness to do something for themselves, and all this combined with stress, pressure, and total consumption. And how do you live then? it’s not without reason that we so often hear about a nervous breakdown, depression, neurosis, and burnout. Previously, the brain worked in conditions that did not require it to act above the norm, and this made the living much better, easier and most importantly – healthier.

Fortunately, there are various types of dietary supplements called nootropics on the market, thanks to which we can influence the brain’s functioning. Thanks to the appropriate substances, we can affect both the better functioning of the brain as well as the entire nervous system. For all people tired of intellectual effort, as well as for the elderly, such supplements are a great solution.

Among the commercially available supplements that are a real doping for the brain in a special way, it’s worth paying attention to the following.

  • Piracetam
Stim Max from Performax Labs is formulation containing noopept and Methylliberine – a new, safe and potent combination of nootropic agents

It influences the stimulation of the nervous system as well as the process of memorizing and concentration. How does it work? Probably thanks to the contribution of oxygen and glucose, energy changes occur in the central nervous system. What’s more, thanks to this substance, the activity of neurotransmitters increases as well as microcirculation improves. It affects memory, memorizing, and psychophysical fitness. it’s important for lowering the blood viscosity, to stimulate the synthesis of the hormone prostacyclin, and to reduce dizziness.

Who shouldn’t take it?

For people with hypersensitivity to this substance, for patients with renal failure, or with Huntington’s disease.

  • Alpha – GPC
Probably the best choice for supplementing choline is Alpha GPC from Apollos Hegemony

It’s a carrier of choline in the central nervous system, increases acetylcholine levels and supports cell membrane structures. Taking this substance helps increase the production of growth hormone, to increase physical strength, to improve the work of neurons, to improve the efficiency in terms of communication between neurons in the brain. Alpha – GPC works great for concentration, learning ability and clarity of mind. Thanks to the fact that thanks to it, the blood vessels in the brain expand, oxygen and all necessary nutritional values ​​flow to it better.

  • Hordein
PEA and Hordenine is perfect combination for brain stimulation. And new product from Hades Hegemony contains them both!

It stimulates the brain and the body to lose body fat, as well as stimulating the body to be in full physical and psychoactive activity. It affects the work of the kidneys, gives energy, has antibacterial effect on bacteria from the group of staphylococci, increases the feeling of satiety, is a drug for diarrhea.

Who shouldn’t take it?

For people with asthma, for hypertension, for those who take alpha drugs and beta blockers.

  • PEA
PEA and Hordenine is perfect combination for brain stimulation. And new product from Hades Hegemony contains them both!

It’s a substance found in the brain naturally, being a neurotransmitter and showing neuromodulatory activity. Taking it affects, among other things, to increase endurance and resistance to pain, to improve concentration and consciousness, to greater energy and well-being, and finally to increase self-confidence and increase the level of dopamine.

Who is it not for?

For people with heart problems, for people with high blood pressure and those who use MAO inhibitors – B.

  • Adrafinil
Brain Fuel V2 from Apollos Hegemony contains Sunifiram (DM-235) – improved form of adrafinil

It’s a prodrug that is metabolized to the active form of modafinil. It reduces drowsiness and stimulates the central nervous system to work. it’s recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea or performing shift work. Thanks to this drug, we feel less fatigue, our energy increases, we do not need to sleep, even if the body would need it.

This product is not recommended for people with allergies and hypersensitivity to this drug.

  • L-theanine
Smart Caps from Apollos Hegemony is innovative formulation containing combination of theanine, theacrine and caffeine.

it’s an amino acid that affects the work of the nervous system as well as the relationship between neurotransmitters. It relaxes, increases the ability to do more, to improve concentration, alertness and ability to remember. it’s perfect among athletes and active people, both physically and mentally. It also improves immunity and reduces stress.

  • Phosphatidylserine

It’s a derivative of serine that responds to the structure and functioning of the cell membrane. It stimulates the nervous system to activity, affects better concentration, ability to associate and remember. It reduces the level of cortisol, or stress hormone. It supports the work of neurotransmitters, is an ideal way to improve well-being, to absorb knowledge and memory processes.

As you can see, there are many different types of supplements on the market that significantly affect the work of our brain and nervous system. It’s worth to bet on adequate supplementation, if for a long time we want to enjoy good physical and mental health, because in the end our brain is a machine that drives the entire work of our body to work.