Does effective weight loss depend on the type of figure?

Effective slimming requires matching diet and exercise to the type of figure. Women with a pear figure usually get fat on the buttocks and thighs and those with an apple figure at the waist. When we start slimming, we usually lose the excess first not where we would like. However, there are ways that will help you get rid of excess weight and improve your figure in line with our expectations. How should effective slimming of pears, apples and hourglasses go?

Obesity types

Do you dream of effective weight loss? Remember that the slimming diet should take into account your type of figure. Nature shapes human bodies according to three patterns of pears, hourglasses or apples. And regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Our body type determines how we gain weight and how we lose weight.

Effectively slimming when you have the pear body type

The upper body is quite small, the arms are slim, the waist is narrow. In contrast, the hips, buttocks and thighs are abundant because fat deposits are deposited on them. And the hardest part is to slim them. This problem affects women more often than men.

A diet rich in protein, because the body easily converts it into energy. The menu should include fish, meat, lean cheese, fruit and vegetables. Avoid white bread, sauces, canned goods and smoked meats. It is also recommended to drink two litres of still mineral water a day

Intensive aerobic training because it slims the hips. You can also work out with dumbbells to strengthen and slightly expand your arms. Thighs and buttocks effectively slimmer skipping rope. Exercise several times a week, doing 50 jumps – with legs together, hitting your buttocks with your heels.

Which body type is yours?
Which body type is yours?

Effective slimming when you have the type of hourglass figure

The figure is proportional, the arms are wide, the chest is extensive, the waist is clearly outlined and the legs are full. Fat tissue is distributed evenly, but only with a slight overweight. When you cross the border, fat will accumulate mainly on your arms.

You can eat nearly everything (except fried foods) but in small portions. You should also give up sugary drinks and drink still mineral water.

Effective weight loss when you have the apple figure type

Broad and rounded shoulders, broad chest, with clearly marked breasts, even in men (with this type of build in women, they are always quite large). The waist is poorly outlined, the belly is prominent. Legs are quite long. The fat is mainly deposited on the stomach.

The best diet is low fat one. Beware of animal fats and fried foods. It is good to eat a lot of fish, poultry, dairy products, vegetables and fruits rich in fibre (blackberries, currants, apricots and figs). Like fire, you must avoid combining fat and sugar, e.g. in cookies. Non-carbonated mineral water will be the best to drink.

Body shaping – gym training gives the best results

Shaping a nice figure is not easy. Only consistent care of your diet and systematic exercise will allow you to get the best results. There are no miracles in slimming. The fat accumulated over the years will not disappear overnight. If you are serious about losing weight, choose long-term slimming with good results. It’s best to work on the figure in the gym, where there are specialized equipment and experienced instructors. They should plan your training, choose the exercises and determine the pace of their performance. You also need to change your eating habits. Then satisfaction with a nice appearance and good physical fitness will stay for a long time.

Warning! Apple type obesity, i.e. abdominal, visceral obesity (adipose tissue is located mainly in the abdominal cavity) more often affects men. In women, it appears in the postmenopausal period due to the cessation of the production of female sex hormones by the ovaries. Abdominal obesity is often accompanied by metabolic disorders leading to diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular diseases.