Does collagen relieve joint pain in athletes?

Athletes who complain of joint pain while standing, walking or lifting weights can relieve pain by supplementing with collagen hydrolyzate.


Collagen and health of joints 

Already in the 1970s and 1980s, a number of studies have been carried out to show that collagen helps joints regenerate faster. They gave the impulse for further experiments. Most information about collagen and the effect of its supplementation on the body can be found in the Collagen Hydrolyzate report and its Relationship to Joint Health. 

Collagen hydrolyzate, like gelatin, is the source of amino acids in glycine and proline. They participate in the production of connective tissue. 


Researchers recruited a group of 147 people (72 men, 75 women). They were all athletes, trained in a team or sports club and at the same time complained about joint pain. They were randomly divided into smaller groups 

Each of the subjects was asked in the first phase of the study to estimate their pain on a scale from 1 to 10. The study lasted 24 weeks. 



At the end of the 24th week the pain decreased in both the control and collagen groups, however, the decrease was significantly greater in the group with the supplement. Improved mood during walking, standing and carrying or lifting loads. The researchers repeated the study on a smaller group of 63 people complaining of knee pain. The results again indicated that the pain decreased much more in the collagen supplement group than in the control group. 



Collagen hydrolyzate can be given to athletes as a dietary supplement reducing the symptoms of joint pain resulting from sports overload. 


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