Do you need multivitamins? – Part 1

Multivitamin supplements are one of the most common preparations used in the world. The composition can be different, similarly in terms of quality and price, but it can not be denied that these are preparations with which everyone met and for which the majority, at least a couple of times, reached for themselves.

Why are multivitamins so popular then?

At the same time, the advantage of multivitamin/vitamin/mineral preparations is that the user of it can be a member of every social and age group – in many, we can see the risk of some ingredient deficiency (especially if we start to believe in popular myths of worthless vegetables and fruit*).

*Do not be fooled – differences in the content of significant compounds, compared to the ’70s and earlier, are a few per cent – just eat one more apple and you are good to go

When can a multivitamin be useful?

If I had to give an answer, in a nutshell, I would say very rarely, but let’s look a little bit more at this topic.

All vitamins and minerals... Can you catch them all?
All vitamins and minerals… Can you catch them all?

The most important aspect is such a selection of the preparation that it does not contain elements of antagonistic coactions between its ingredients. If, for example, our goal is to deliver more iron to the body then do not reach for preparations that in the portion contain many times higher doses of calcium than iron – these two compounds compete with each other and finally the availability, absorption and use of iron will be abnormally lower than in the case of a good preparation, i.e. one that does not contain iron antagonists!

Another important issue is the chemical form of the used ingredients (mainly minerals). One of the most common mistakes is magnesium (whose athletes very often, seeks in every supplement like madmen!) – look for preparations that are not based on magnesium oxide! The most preferred is chelat (diglycinate) or citrate, but aspartate or carbonate is also good forms of magnesium!

The third issue – essential one – is it necessary to take multivitamin supplement?!

Below are a few situations where you should consider supplementation:

  • A specific diet that can be scarce in certain elements
  • Drastically increased demand for all micronutrients that you can not satisfy with your diet (for example in time of intensive training)

In the second part of the text, I will try to develop the above points, and also give a few tips just for you – so you can think about whether multivitamins are the proper solution for you! We will also check if taking vitamins prolongs life!