Do not do this after training!

The post-exercise period is the time when our activities are of particular importance for regenerative processes. Therefore, it is worth during this period to pay special attention to what we eat, what we drink and what activities we perform. Unfortunately, many people do not really know it and implement irresponsible practices, reducing the benefits of training. Do you want to know what to do after the effort to maximize your progress? I invite you to read this article. 

It is quite common practice to do heavy heavy training before the Friday night out to the disco. Of course, on this day only two strategic muscle parties are tortured. Well-inflated biceps and chest add a sense of confidence to the discotheque packers and make them feel more attractive. If you belong to people who are tempted to do a hard training session before going to a party, where the main dish will be crisps and salted peanuts, and drink colorful drinks or beer, save the west. Such a workout will probably take you back a few steps, especially if you plan to party till dawn. 

Theoretically, drinking a small beer or a glass of wine to an after-dinner supper is not a problem and there is no problem to consume a symbolic dose of alcohol. The consumption of larger amounts of ethanol will certainly not serve the purpose of post-workout regeneration. Why? Alcohol, firstly, impedes the process of muscle glycogen resynthesis, second, it disturbs the water-electrolyte balance and acid-base balance, and thirdly – it may adversely affect the course of anabolic processes occurring in muscle tissue. What’s more, alcohol also changes our culinary preferences and makes us start making irrational choices, more willingly reaching for low-quality food products. All this together is not conducive to post-workout recovery. 

In a recipe, using the sauna after training seems like something desirable. It is said that a visit to the sauna after a hard session helps with soreness, accelerates regeneration, improves well-being. All these theories are unjustified. In fact, subjecting the body to high temperatures immediately after training is simply harmful. During this period, the body should be irrigated, cooled, and not warmed up and increased fluid loss, additionally burdening the cardiovascular system. A visit to the sauna after a hard training session can actually worsen the regeneration, inhibit protein synthesis, increase catabolism, slow down the replenishment of fluids, electrolytes and lost glycogen. A much better option is simply a cold shower


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