Discover the wonderful properties of Tribulus terrestris!

Tribulus terrestris is the Latin name of a plant known for thousands of years. The terrestrial mole, because it is referred to, is used in natural Chinese and Indian medicine. It has strengthening and toning properties. Men appreciate him because of the possibility of using tribulus as an aphrodisiac. Currently, it is a component of many supplements for athletes.


  1. Terrestrial mole – action and use

It is used in medicine primarily as a means of acting on hypertension, urinary disorders, prostatitis and circulatory system diseases. Athletes use the mace as a means to raise the level of anabolic hormones. It lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and supports the work of the liver and kidneys.

Tribulus terrestris is a wonderful herb that contains compounds called saponins, indoles and polyphenols. They are substances that inhibit the activity of enzymes that process anabolic testosterone. This prevents gynecomastia – hypertrophy of the mammary glands in men, and alopecia caused by elevated levels of bad 5-a-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The mole stimulates spermatogenesis in men and ovogenesis in women. Increases nitrogen retention. It stimulates the synthesis of proteins. It prevents fatty tissue from internal organs. It relieves the symptoms of andropause.

Without getting into more biochemistry, it should be noted that the mole has very strong properties that strengthen the body. It also helps in the treatment of the prostate and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It has a stimulating effect.


  1. Tribulus terrestris and testosterone

In folk medicine, terrestrial mole has been used for centuries as a means of strengthening libido and treating erectile dysfunction. Researchers have proven that it is of great importance in raising testosterone levels (the male hormone responsible for the level of libido), thanks to which it has an impact on improving the quality of sexual life.

Erectile support is associated with the release of nitric oxide to the nerve endings near the penile cavities of the penis. Viagra has a similar effect. With the difference that Tribulus terrestris is a natural agent found in nature and used for thousands of years. There have been reports of increasing the number, motility and viability of sperms, making the mole preparations also used to treat infertility in men. Researchers observed a marked improvement in the quality of ejaculation (ejaculation and portions / amount of semen) after the administration of the mole.


  1. Muzzles and supplements

The use of a terrestrial mace for the production of supplements for athletes was initiated by Bulgarians. They conducted a number of studies on this plant. Their origins date back to the 1970s. Today, many preparations containing mace are used as potency-raising agents as well as natural and legal replacement of steroids. It is used both in the form of powdered fruit (or herb) and a standardized extract for saponin content (20-40%). The effects of using preparations containing terresco mace are muscle mass increase and increase of physical strength.