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Many people supplement creatine. An even bigger group is going to introduce it to constant supplementation – but not everyone knows how to dose it effectively. There are many myths about the dosage dating back to the 1970s in the society of trainers.

  1. What is creatine and how does it work?
  2. How creatine used to be
  3. How should it be used now?


  1. What is creatine and how does it work?

Creatine is the most popular and best-known dietary supplement for many years. It is also the safest and best-studied substance among all dietary supplements. It helps to build strength and muscle mass, showing good anabolic properties. Creatine is an organic compound made up of protein fragments usually found in muscle tissue (95%). Its main task is to accumulate energy in the muscles, that is why its level in muscle tissue is higher, the more energy can be used.

It all makes creatine a popular and universal supplement for athletes around the world. It is used by athletes, cyclists, martial artists and bodybuilders.


  1. How creatine used to be

Since the golden age of Arnold, it has become known that an effective dose of creatine is 5 g per serving regardless of the player’s weight. You should always take 2 portions of fasting on an empty stomach, so that it absorbs well. The saturation phase method is still being duplicated, which consists of the first few days of taking several times the single dose. Equally unlikely is the need to use creatine in 8-12-week cycles, after which it is necessary to take the same amount of break time in supplementation with creatine.


  1. How should it be used now?

There are no unambiguous studies that would confirm the thesis that for every effective dose is 5 g of creatine. Many players confirm that it is much more effective to adjust the dose to the weight of one’s body. According to this rule, it was assumed that it is best to take 1 g of creatine for every 10 kg of the player’s own mass in a single portion. We still use two portions – with the difference that on the training day the first portion can be taken in the morning or immediately before the training, and the second portion immediately after the training. Then the body shows the best absorption of nutrients.

Laboratory tests also showed that creatine taken separately is absorbed poorly. Taking a portion together with protein, carbohydrates or a balanced meal significantly improves its bioavailability. The myth of the saturation phase was also overtaken – without showing that it better influenced the players’ results. At the end, cyclic application was taken up. It has been proven that the body does not get accustomed to what every day, because it still accepts from food. Creatine can be used throughout the year.


Let’s summarize in brief how it can look effective

– we use 2 servings daily, pre- and after workout or in the morning and evening;

– we set a portion for the weight of your body, that is 1 g of creatine for every 10 kg of your own weight;

– we can use creatine all year round;

– we do not load phases because they do not have an effect;

– we always take creatine in the company of carbohydrates, proteins or both.