Dietary supplements – Tyrosine

Tyrosine is one of the most popular dietary supplements among people who are particularly concerned about physical fitness, as well as about the appearance and condition of their body. It’s associated primarily with regular training, as well as its properties counteract fatigue, stimulate energy, strengthen muscles and intensify the process of slimming.

What is tyrosine? Where tyrosine is found?

Tyrosine is an amino acid, which is the fundamental building block of protein. It belongs to the strict group of so-called endogenous amino acids, which means that a completely healthy organism is able to independently synthesize this compound from a separate amino acid phenylalanine. The basic source of this ingredient is protein-rich food, however the quality of the present food and the way it’s processed are not good enough to be the only source of it. Present in dietary supplements, it contributes significantly to the intensification of results and the effectiveness of training, as well as to protect the body against various harmful factors.

Tyrosine is the result of enzymatic transformation, dopamine is formed, whereas norepinephrine is synthesized from dopamine. Both of these compounds are neurotransmitters, and are responsible for our mood, well-being, energy and vigour, as well as physical and mental balance. Dopamine remains a symbol of peace, as well as the sense of an extremely elevated energy level, then the pleasure is much deeper, the memory is much better. Noradrenaline, in turn, is nothing but good and effective motivation to action, increased energy, much faster heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased sense of concentration and a feeling of anxiety in a light degree. It should be emphasized that both neurotransmitters are an intense source of synthesis at a stressful time.

Tyrosine – actions. What tyrosine is used for? What does it do?

Tyrosine supplementation is recommended mainly when we feel a significantly reduced level of vital energy. We can compare it to the situation when we are stressed before an important speech, when we overthink, are nervous and have to memorise a lot – then its action can be beneficial. Many years of research and analysis also showed that tyrosine present in the body in the form of dietary supplements significantly improves athletic performance, and supports the treatment of such disorders as depression, anxiety or insomnia. Tyrosine is an extremely wide, in terms of positive properties, substance that has an action supporting the work of the nervous system. Depression is connected with the disruption of the mechanism of neurotransmitter formation, so it’s worth being aware of what is happening with our organism at that moment.

Another very important advantage of tyrosine is its active participation in what we call the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which simultaneously regulate the rate of various metabolic processes and processes occurring in our body. Insufficient delivery of this substance to the body may result in very serious consequences, such as hypothyroidism. In contrast to appearances, the shortage of tyrosine is not only exposed to those who for a long time used low-protein diets (e.g. in the case of kidney disease), but also those who use fasting, or vegetable and fruit detox.

Tyrosine supplementation is a fundamental factor for the production of melanin in the body, because it’s a pigment responsible for giving the skin or hair the right shade. The fact is that tyrosine significantly improves the exercise, speed, endurance and endurance capacity of the body, and is also suitable for increased mental effort or long-term stress.

When to use tyrosine supplements? Where to buy tyrosine? Which tyrosine is the best?

Tyrosine supplements is used mainly at the morning, to increase energy level for difficulties encountered across the day.

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As users of the modern world, we are not fully aware of its threats, and only then we seem to notice the importance of supplementing individual nutrients in our lives. Remember that our body is a kind of machine, which is well-groomed and nurtured in essence functions without major disturbances, while neglected – it breaks down and as a result may be unnecessary. How we live, whether we are active or we use supplementation, and how we hydrate our body – determines not only our psychophysics, but also well-being, impact on success, self-realization, perception of one’s own body, it works on self-esteem and social attractiveness. Tyrosine, a substance to be spoken of loudly, because it’s able to do a lot of good for our health and life, as well as for our own comfort.