Dietary supplements opinions and polls of Poles REPORT

The most popular dietary supplements among Poles are measures strengthening the body’s immunity, improving concentration and beauty.

Dietary supplements – do Poles like to buy them, what do they pay attention to during the purchase and what is their opinion about them? We’ve got answers to these and many other questions thanks to the report from portal and Zdrowie monthly. We invite you to familiarize yourself with its results!

The report on Poles’ opinions on dietary supplements was carried out by the Pollster Research Institute in November 2016 on a group of 1017 people aged 18-60. Under the microscope were taken the reasons why people taking dietary supplements do not reach for it, we also learned the opinions of Poles about these preparations.

4 percent of respondents use supplements to improve their libido.

Why and how often do Poles accept dietary supplements?

Half of Poles accept dietary supplements. Why do we decide to buy them? First of all, we want to strengthen our body, fight against energy and protect ourselves against infection. An important factor that makes us choose dietary supplements is also the desire to look after and improve the bad mood. The fewest people taking supplements stated that their decision was directed by willingness to follow fashion or by information obtained in a television program.

The frequency of taking supplements by Poles can vary. 48 percent of respondents take them from time to time, but on the other hand – 41 percent do it regularly, mainly young people who also take fixed, assigned medications at the same time. 47 percent of respondents choosing supplements consume only one type, 34 percent – two types, and 11 percent – three.


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Which supplements do you buy most often?

Poles most often buy dietary supplements strengthening the immune system and body’s resistance – this is what 34 percent of respondents who take these preparations do. Supplements supporting concentration and vitality are selected by 26 percent of respondents. The same number of people take preparations to improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Another on the list – a selection of 19 percent of respondents – are dietary supplements, regulating the digestive system, and 12 percent of people buy measures that support the process of slimming or have a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The least we buy are preparations that improve the quality of sleep – 6 percent of responses and delaying aging processes – 5 percent.


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Vitamin C and magnesium on top

Preparations with vitamin C and magnesium are accepted by the largest group of people using dietary supplements – indicates not 3/4 of respondents. More than half of the respondents admitted to taking drugs with vitamin D3 and calcium, folic acid – 36 percent of respondents – and selenium (27 percent) as well as probiotic bacteria (24 percent) and extracts from exotic plants (21 percent) are also very popular.

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