Dietary supplements for men. The whole truth!

Dietary supplements for athletes are preparations that aim to enrich the daily diet with the necessary ingredients. The special role of dietary supplements play in sport, where often the intake of all necessary ingredients, only with the help of meals, is simply impossible.

  1. Dietary supplements – what is it?
  2. Types of supplements
  3. Most commonly used


  1. Dietary supplements – what is it?

Dietary supplements, as the name suggests, are products created for people who, for various reasons, are unable to provide all the necessary ingredients for proper functioning as well as the body’s development in their dietary rations.

Dietary supplements have found particular application in body sports. They are an inseparable image of the daily routine at the gym.


  1. Types of supplements

Dietary supplements can be divided into many types, looking through the prism of their use. The proposed division is obviously not the only one possible.

It is worth mentioning one more thing. Some of the dietary supplements, like protein or creatine, are worth using practically all the time, because these two products are great as dietary supplements, aimed at enriching the training plan with weight, improve weight loss, and protect muscles from degradation at reduction, or improve recovery after strength training!


Supplements for mass

The most popular mass supplements are protein supplement and gainer. One of the most popular proteins is the whey protein isolate due to the very short absorption time. Gainer is in turn the most common mix of various types of proteins with carbohydrates, which makes this preparation a great solution for intake just after strength training.

Dietary supplements for slimming

Dietary supplement for fat burning is called fat burners.

In addition, BCAA, creatine and whey protein isolate will be great for muscle protection.

Dietary supplements increasing exercise capacity

Dietary supplements to enhance physical exercise are definitely BCAA, creatine and carbo. These items increase the body’s exercise capacity, affecting the time of exercise and endurance of training, which directly translates into the quality of such activity.

Dietary supplements having a positive effect on regeneration

Regenerative processes taking place in the body after physical exertion are supported by BCAA, creatine as well as protein supplement. In addition, it is worth taking vitamins and minerals for athletes, as well as ZMA, a product that affects, among other things, a good night’s sleep after physical exertion.


  1. Most commonly used

Each dietary supplement finds its application. Everything depends on the purpose of the training, as well as the internship of the person exercising. Sometimes the price of the product also plays a significant role.

If it was necessary to mention only two nutrients, which are the leaders on the market of supplements, it would certainly be protein supplements, as well as creatine. These are by far the most popular conditioners in body sports!